RevAMP Green Starter Battery
RevAMP Green Starter Battery

Hello to our Backers!

My name is Alexander, and last year, I founded Insapio! We've since created something magnificent, and we have to share it with the world, but we need your help.

This is the Revamp Battery. It's a replacement for the standard lead-acid battery pack found in every car, van, and truck on the road. It's about the same price, and about the same size. Beyond that, we've changed everything.


The Revamp battery is earth friendly. It contains no lead, or acid. It does not produce explosive hydrogen gas when overcharged. The most toxic thing within it is acetophenone, a solvent used in blush and mascara. Oh, and in your chewing gum.


Unlike standard batteries, it has a current shut-off, so it won't make explode if you touch the terminals together. It won't overcharge, or overdraw. It just goes to sleep. So there's that. Unlike lead acid batteries, it will not leak and or explode in a car crash. It's pretty tough. If you should decide to destroy yours in a spectacular fashion on YouTube, that's okay, since...


This battery is $209. But can't I get a cheap remanufactured battery for like $60? Yes, yes you can. But it doesn't come with a 10 year guarantee, and I can guarantee you that. It you are lucky, you can get 2 or 3, heck, maybe 4 years out of one. But it still won't compare, because the Revamp is...

More Powerful

By a huge margin, over 2000 Amps of cranking power. The revamp design provides 1500 pulse cranking amps at the end of the warranty. That means after ten summers of 100° F and 99% humidity (we're in the Midwest.) Ten winters of -10° F and damn near frozen solid engines (gotta love the Midwest.) And after that, still working. Working well. Our accelerated testing (at up to 180° F and down to -30° F) suggest up to 20 years of standard usage before it bites the dust. You cannot get a more powerful battery (and you would be hard pressed to find a more powerful two batteries.) Which is even more surprising, because...


The Revamp battery weighs 7 pounds, combat loaded. That's crazy. Be careful not to throw it into the air when you first pick it up. It's quite a difference compared to the 40-60 pounds of your current battery. It's like having one less kid in your car. Doesn't that sound appealing?

How have you created a better starter battery?

Come on, mankind has had a century to work on this! Plus, they're has to be a downside. Here it is. The capacity is less than your standard battery. Only half the time bumping the radio with the engine off. Don't worry about leaving your lights or radio on -- we'll detect that and save your battery. There's your trade off for peace of mind. 

So why just now are we coming out with this?

Economies of scale, my dear Watson. Ten years ago, we had most all the technologies to create these. They would have been house sized, cost a thousands of dollars, and taken weeks to build. Now, we can do it cheap and fast, thanks to early adopters. Thanks to nanotechnology, we can fit it in an engine bay, and run them for decades. 

So what now?

Buy one, today. Or take your time, and think about how you cannot afford to pass this up. Or, just wait for the next time you have to pull out jumper cables, or call AAA. We'll wait.

But at the very least...

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We'll be on Kickstarter soon! We already appreciate your support!

Alexander Templeton
Managing Director, Insapio LC

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