Rev Plus Dual Home Electric Vehicle Charger
Rev Plus Dual Home Electric Vehicle Charger

This project has already launched.

REV+ Dual Electric Vehicle Home Charger, the first and only Dual Electric Vehicle Charger for the home, allows you to charge not one, but two electric vehicles at the same time while conveniently at home, for about the same cost of a single connector charger currently on the market. 

REV+ Dual Electric Vehicle Home Charger is designed by a team at Revitalize Charging Solutions, dedicated to helping EV drivers with cost-effective solutions with state of the art functionality.  

REV+ Dual Electric Vehicle Home Charger offers intelligent reporting and intuitive controls that EV drivers demand. REV+ is the only EV charging assistant for today's Electric Vehicle driver.  

In the near future, homes will have not one, but two electric vehicles.  REV+ Dual Electric Vehicle Home Charger provides you with the scalability to address your future charging needs.

Speed.  REV+ Dual Electric Vehicle Home Charger is capable of charging your electric car in less than 3 hours. Up to 10X faster than other chargers to keep you on the GO!​​


REV+ Dual Electric Vehicle Home Charger with its Universal SAE J1772 connector can charge most electric vehicles.  Charge two cars simultaneously with two independent connectors.  REV+ Dual Electric Vehicle Home Charger is capable of 12kWh at 50Amps;  charging has never been easier and faster.  Patent pending technology made in the USA.

Mobile app integration is loaded with features to help save you money, time, and headaches. 

  • Setup custom charging schedules
  • Peak and Off-peak charging
  • Remote start and stop with the click of a button
  • Energy reporting right from your mobile application
  • Set Delay charging up to 4 hours
  • Track energy usage and cost
  • Connect via Bluetooth, Wifi, and Web browser
  • Configure Energy Provider setup
  • Receive notifications when you forget to plug in your vehicle or when a fault is received.
  • Add multiple users

  • Input Voltage:  240Vac
  • Amperage:  50A
  • Power:  12kWh
  • Connectors: 2
  • Cable Length: 25'
  • Connector Type:  SAE J1772
  • Connections and Wiring:  L1, L2, Ground
  • Energy Meter:  Yes
  • Access Control:  Yes
  • Installation Type:  Hardwired or Plug. NEMA 3R Rating for Indoor or Outdoor Installation
  • Breaker: 60A
  • Weight: 15lbs
  • Connectivity:  WIFI, Bluetooth, Web Browser and Mobile Application
  • Certification:  UL certification is pending.  Designed to UL2231 and UL2594
  • Package Dimensions:  14 X 12 X 12


Designed with today and future Electric Vehicle drivers in mind.  We believe that the electric car charger is an extension of your electric vehicle purchase and you deserve the best in home charging experience possible. 


Can this be hardwired or plug?  The REV+ Dual Home Charger can be hardwired or use a NEMA 14-50 or 6-50 Plug.

What type of connector does the REV+ Dual Home Charger use?  REV+ Dual Home Charger use a universal SAE J1772 Connector.

What is the charge time of the REV+ Dual Home Charger?  3 hours or less at 50A – 12kWh.

Does the REV+ come with one or two connectors? 2

Can I use both connectors individually? Yes

How do I control the REV+ Dual Home Charger?  REV+ mobile application

Can the REV+ Dual Home Charger set custom charging schedules? YES

Do you have a support email?  YES.  Email us at

What are the voltage and amperage?  240V single phase – 50Amps

What is the required breaker size to operate at 50Amps?  60Amp breaker is required.

How does the REV+ Dual Home Charger communicate?  Bluetooth, WIFI, and Web Browser.

Can you set the REV+ to charge during Off Peak hours? YES.

Can you pull energy usage reports?  YES

What is the Warranty on REV+ Dual Home Charger? From shipment date, REV+ Dual Home Charger comes with a 3-Year warranty. 

What are your shipping methods?  FEDEX. 



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