Return of the Titans: TD
Return of the Titans: TD

Short decription of the game:

Long ago the Titans were banished to the abyss of Tartarus.  Mysteriously, the gates of Tartaurs have been opened and the Titans freed.  Their aim is to kill the gods of Olympus that imprisoned them and enslave all of Greece.  As general of the Greek army, you are called upon to defend Greece and defeat the Titans!


The game is already launched on google play: Return of the Titans by our publisher GlobalFun without any pr and advertising (soft launch). For now we're going to launch all around the world. And would like to make game better: improve balance, improve graphics, improve gameplay add more God powers, talents and more interesting interactive features to the game, but it require some funding which we didn't get yet.

So we're looking for the opportunity to improve the game with your help guys.


Our goal is $20k in one month. As we should start working asap before you guys finish the game which will be online worldwide soon.

Are you ready to help Greek army to defeat the Titans?

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