Retail Solutions for Groceries - SaaS
Retail Solutions for Groceries - SaaS

Retail Solutions for empowering Groceries digitally, everywhere. Anytime.


I have developed a unique solution that a will enable your local grocery chain to do just more than exist in the digital platform. 

I am going to revolutionise the way online grocery shopping is looked at and how it can empower your local store to excel in sales in-store online. Giving the same experience as a shopper would have at a local grocery store but at the same time elevating that experience to a much engaging level where the shopper is enticed to be a regular.

I hope to do this by developing both online store as well as the brains of it the Retsol engine that will feed this online store with the digital experience.

With your contributions I can look forward to complete and successfully launch it by 2018.







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