Restoring & Road Tripping: Ride Along in John's Old Truck!
Restoring & Road Tripping: Ride Along in John's Old Truck!

This project has already launched.

John's Old Truck is a 1949 Chevy that has been in our family since 1981, when my brother Pete discovered it in Missouri while living the lifelong dream of riding his bicycle across the country. My goal is to have the truck fully restored and equipped for video recording, to document my own lifelong dream of the ultimate road trip: A full length run of the legendary Route 66. After that we'll use it for short runs to area car shows and cruises, where we'll feature all kinds of classic vehicles and interview the people behind them as part of a regular online video series.

Tribute to Mom

It's pretty clear that we inherited our sense of adventure from our mother. She was indeed a free spirit, always going her own way and trying new and different things. I can remember her talking about her own desire to drive the full length of the Alaskan Highway, and how I was ready to ride along. I'm sure she would have eventually done it, had she not passed away tragically just as Pete was making his way back home with this truck after buying it. In the 33 years since, it has been impossible to look at or think about this truck without also thinking of Mom, which is why the entire restoration effort is a tribute to her memory.

Why Full Restoration is Needed

I have owned the truck since Pete and I made a deal about ten years ago, and have very slowly been putting a little money toward the project whenever possible. The more than $4,000 I've spent so far will pay off in the near future when I finally drive this old Chevy for the first time. While just doing that will be awesome, we'll need the full restoration to make it safe and dependable for a cross country trip and the regular local use we're planning. Then of course we'll also have a solid, long lasting truck to pass along to our family's next generation, keeping Mom's memory and spirit of adventure alive.

Project Video

Full Kickstarter Preview - Including financial breakdown and reward info

We'd love to have you on board! Plenty of room for all to ride along with John's Old Truck!

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