"Restless" Single release by Builder & the Banshee

This project has already launched.

Who we are

After a chance meeting on the water, woodworker-guitarist Mike “Builder” Harding and singer-songwriter Laura “Banshee” Kelsey write a unique blend of soulful folk rock that has hints of metal and blues. Mike has spent years in the trees and brings a natural calm and wisdom to the project. Laura's background includes a Western Canadian Music Award nomination as a vocalist and hundreds of cafe, bar and festival performances.

The song

"Restless" is a true account from the summer of 2017, which included shows cancelled by wildfires in the Interior of British Columbia, the challenge of feeding a newborn and a lack of sleep that came with the new addition - with a few gory nightmares thrown in.

The plan

The funds raised will get us two days of studio/mixing time in a local high-quality, pro studio. We'd like to include drums, either live or electric, to the chugging guitar and emotional vocals of "Restless" - which will add to the drama of the tune and increase the cost of recording; so any further funds will go toward percussion and, beyond that, the upcoming album.

This is just the beginning

After we complete and release "Restless," we have a seven-song acoustic album set to start; any excess Kickstarter funds and those from the sale of the single will go toward recording "The Hand Holding the Matchbook."

We will also use the single to help us book summer festivals and art gallery gigs; gain radio airplay; as well as create accompanying visuals and videos to share with you!

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