RESPA: World's 1st Breathing Sensor for Workouts
RESPA: World's 1st Breathing Sensor for Workouts

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RESPA: World's 1st Breathing Sensor for Workouts

Your clip-on coach to gain an edge in your athletic performance and deepen your yoga practice.

RESPA is a wearable sensor to improve your athletic and fitness performance by tracking and training the way you breathe! Easy to clip-on your clothing, RESPA vibrates/beeps in real-time to indicate your fitness zone. The RESPA app connects via Bluetooth to give you smart, data-driven analyses of your workout.
RESPA comes in 4 models to help with your different fitness goals: (i) Elite Fitness 3.0 (ii) Fitness 2.0 (iii) Better Yoga (iv) Coach Just Clip-Press-Go!

RESPA™ The World's First Breathing Sensor to Boost Workouts!

Meet RESPA™, your clip-on coach to deepen your yoga practice, gain the edge in your race & guide your fitness routine. RESPA™ is an easy-to-use wearable sensor that tracks your breathing for the duration of your workout. With the RESPA™ companion app, you can train smarter and practice better as you get real-time alerts for staying in optimal breathing zones.
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