Resketch Journal with 100% reclaimed paper inside
Resketch Journal with 100% reclaimed paper inside

This project has already launched.

Resketch books are super unique journals and sketchbooks made of 100% reclaimed paper. This time around I want to create a new size and format of Resketch that’s even more portable, and even easier to use and understand. Introducing: Resketch Journal.

Reclaimed paper is even better than recycled because it diverts paper from the waste stream entirely, without an energy-consuming process to pulp and re-make waste paper into recycled paper. With reclaimed paper, what I find – almost always new old stock – is what you get.

With this project, I want to create 500 3-packs of Resketch Journal, in addition to a run of special artist editions by some amazing artists: Jon Burgerman, Jay Ryan, Camilla d’Errico, Jana Kinsman, and myself (disclaimer: not as amazing as these folks, but not TOO bad...).

What you get

You can choose either a 3-pack of regular Resketch Journals, a 3-pack of the special artist editions by whichever artist you're into, or the higher reward level for custom Resketch Journals for your company, organization, university, or event.

Resketch Journal 3-pack 
Resketch Journal 3-pack

Each Resketch Journal contains 40 sheets of 100% reclaimed paper, sized at 3.5 x 5-inches, with typically three different kinds of paper inside. The cover is high-quality cover stock and is new paper, but is printed with soy-based ink on a digital four-color process printer. Each 3-pack is then banded.

Resketch Journal paper types 
Resketch Journal paper types

What's up with the artist covers?

I reached out to a handful of a my favorite artists, both because I love what they create, but also because they understand and appreciate what Resketch has to offer creatively and environmentally.

These special artist edition 3-packs are the same in terms of internal paper, belly band, and wrap, but have a full- or one-color illustration by one of the five artists for the covers, and are priced accordingly. I know you'll love them! 

Pretty much final versions of the covers each artist created for the Resketch Journal project 
Pretty much final versions of the covers each artist created for the Resketch Journal project

Bonus: I'll also provide background on the artists via backer updates throughout the duration of the project. I'm a huge fan of their respective work, and am so excited to be working with them!

Different in the best possible way

I want Resketch Journal to walk that line between being an interesting and inherently creative medium thanks to the variety of paper inside yet easy to use and understand, while also doing good for the environment since it has 100% reclaimed paper inside. The straightforward paper inside makes it easy for you to jot down ideas, take notes, sketch, and perform other important, daily activities wherever and whenever you want.

So wait... is the paper dirty and crumpled?

No way! To be clear, the paper inside isn’t soiled or dog-eared. Instead, I heavily curate the paper that goes into Resketch books so it’s otherwise pristine. I find my paper – often forgotten and untouched – in old warehouses, from businesses that are closing or moving, from artists, designers, and architects that have interesting paper they love but have to get rid of, and from a number of other sources.

Custom books

There's also a level for custom books for companies and organizations who need some unique and eco-friendly journals for employees, an event, or other promotional purpose. At this backer level, you can even customize the cover (we can sort this after the project)! I've made such books for a bunch of companies, organizations, and universities already, and would love to make some for you.

"Shawn was great to work with. He helped me determine the best solution given a tight time frame and modest budget. The saddle stitched notebooks were cool, well received, a great value, and really nicely crafted."- Dee Feezor, Creative Manager at FLOR Inc.

This is just a sampling of the companies and organizations with whom Resketch has worked on custom books. 
This is just a sampling of the companies and organizations with whom Resketch has worked on custom books.

Spread the word, and thanks!

I hope you’re as excited about Resketch Journal as I am, and share it far and wide! And if you’re looking for other sizes of Resketch or more about the project, please take a look at

Thanks again,
Shawn Smith, Founder

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