Residential Greywater System
Residential Greywater System

This project has already launched.

The WestWater Residential Greywater System

Save Money Every Time You Water!

WestWater Systems' initial product is a reliable, adaptable, easy to maintain greywater system that not only lowers a homeowner's water bill but also reduces the drawdown on a community's water resources & waste water processing.

This sytem provides a greywater solution that is intended to integrate with your current drip irrigation scheme.

A four stage filtration unit filters out the particulate matter in the greywater which is then pumped into a Water Storage Barrel. A water level control feature in the Water Storage Barrel keeps it from "running dry" before the irrigation cycle is complete, which prevents damage to your valuable landscaping.

This is not a traditional “old school” style greywater system!


While the Governor of California, Jerry Brown, may have declared "the drought is over" - California & the West's water crisis is not. With a population that continues to grow, but a water storage capacity that does not, there is no extra padding in supplies when the rain doesn't fall.

We need to transcend the cycle of crisis and complacency. Why not start now?

The only "Plan B" we have currently, and for the foreseeable future, is water conservation. Along these lines WestWater Systems offers a two pronged approach: One is offering a system to "harvest" greywater - water that goes down your drain and otherwise goes to waste (greywater does not include toilets); Two is raising awareness of water conservation among the general public (please see below near bottom under the "Raising Awareness...'' heading).

The sales of WestWater's greywater systems supports the company (Thank You!) which in turn will allow WestWater to promote water conservation in a variety of elective venues utilizing traditional and on-line media.

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