Repulsor that's your own Sun!

The Repulsor project is a genuinely unique torch of a new generation of lights that has a lot of innovative technological novelties. Its power really amazes. The brigth light beam runs through space many hundreds of metres away.

From the first glance at the Repulsor you'll see that you deal with something special. The Repuslor is created for people who want to have only the best and the most powerful gear of the highest quality.


Thetotal light power of the Repulsor is 7911 lumens (according to the world standard ANSI/NEMA FL-1). That's more powerful than any other serially manufactured torch of the same size.

The beam angle of each torch's lense is more than 60 degree so the Repulsor can illuminate the space ahead of you and practically leaves no dark corners.


Unlike most torches that you need to hold in your hands, the Repulsor is fixed in the back of your belt (trousers or jeans) with the safe fixator. Such desing is very useful as it keeps your hands free. All this is possible due to the "Hand free" technology where the torch is not a one single block but is divided into three elelments connected by flexible fastening.

You can turn the turch's lenses in any direction. So that you can illuminate two different places. You even can direct one light beam forward and another one backward. The Repulsor is useful both in winter and summer. The only thing you need is trousers or jeans or any other clothes that has a belt.

By creating the Repulsor we wanted to make something special. Something that can't be bought on Ebay for 9.99$. No, it's not compact. No, you can't put it in your pocket. But it's not maden for lighting up your keys at night time. The most powerful torch doesn't have to be the size of cigarette lighter. The Repulsor is a real monster of light. It's perfect for the search operations in law visibility conditions. If you fix it to your bike all the car drivers will envy you. And if you take it to some forest you'll have so much of light that all the animals will think it's already the dawn.


The Repulsor is perfect for rescue and uniformed services. Due to its firm aluminium frame and its powereful hardware, the Repulsor is be the best in situations where other torches are useless.


The Repulsor is maden of modern lightweight materials. The main material is aviation grade\aircraft anodized aluminium which is worked up with high-accuracy machines to put it into right shape. We also usee the details maden of high-quality impact-resistant plastic, toughened glass and eco leather. We use the best materials to create our torch and all of them have their certificates to prove their quality.

We're confident that our manufacturing resources, connections, and infrastructure will be able to deliver Repulsor into your hands according to our delivery schedules.


We have united in a team to create a line of hi-tech products for you. Smart distribution of responsibilities and tasks gives us an opportunity to reach assigned goals in the shortest deadlines. High efficiency and creative view of things ensures a coordinated work of the whole team, so that we always meet your expectations!

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