Replicants! USC Expansion
Replicants! USC Expansion

This project has already launched.

About the Replicants! U.S.C. Expansion

The Replicants are starting to adjust to a solar system devoid of organic life. It was chaos at first, but, for the most part, the mega hives a have started to bring some stability. The United Sol Colonies or U.S.C. for short (for whom this expansion is focused on) are doing their part to bring structure (or structures =P) to the system. They are currently building a network of space stations that all Replicants may have access to, provided they follow a few simple rules: 1) No fighting on the space stations. 2) Use the rooms you need to and move on, so others may use them too. 3) Help build additions to the stations you visit. 4) Everyone must spend their own resources to activate functions they wish to use. 5) Stay out of other hives’ lockers.

In the U.S.C. Expansion you will pick your favorite hive and join the effort to make the system a better place for all Replicants.

Game play, for the most part is similar to the core game (which is required to play the expansion.)

Like in the core game, you will still deal out a resource grid each round, and place your drones to collect resources. But between those two phases, you now have a Station phase. During the Station phase, you will get to move your two personnel around the station to access the functions of the different rooms. Room functions consist of things like, build new rooms, resource discounts when leveling up new replicants, buying points, and more.

After the Drone phase, you still spend the resources you produced or gained to your hand on leveling up your Replicants. Instead of discarding any unused resources from your hand at the end of the round, you now send them off to your locker on the space station. Once resources are in your locker, you may not use them for leveling up your replicants, but they can be used for activating any various functions on the station. 

See a more detailed description of rule changes for the expansion at

Funding, Perks, Etc

As mentioned in the video, we have an intentionally low funding goal, because we have used the profits from our previous games to fund this one, and our primary goal of this campaign is to rebuild those coffers so we can get to work bringing you more games.

Primarily our perks will be this U.S.C Expansion, and for those of you who don't have the core Replicants! game, the core game bundle. That said, we have a couple special perks including the original hand drawn and inked art from the core game (most all on 7"x7" card stock), original hand drawn and inked art from this U.S.C. Expansion (all on 7"x7 card stock), and for 10 of our backers, not only signed originals, but the naming rights of the 10 new replicants released in this expansion. 

Naming rights will include 2 primary things: 1) naming the Replicant. You will get to choose from the remaining new replicants, which you would like to name and what its name will be. 2) You will also get to choose the inventor (this could be something like your name, a pseudonym, a fake company (or real if you have the right to use the name) Example: Rage Fire, by Best Solutions Corp. All suggested names must be all ages appropiate we will not accept names with profanity, hate or other names that are exceptionally unclassy.


Add Ons (Please message us to let us know what add ons you are getting with extra pledges.)

Web site remembrances (+$10): We will write a single paragraph piece of lore on our web site, linked to the replicant of your choice, that is either an old log from a previous owner (from back when people existed) expressing their thoughts/an interaction with said Replicant, or a memory file from the Replicant about a previous owner. If you choose log from owner, you can do a 1 paragraph write up about the replicant of your choice. If you choose the replicant memory, then you can tell us things you think that replicant may remember about you, and we will write a remembrance of you from that replicant. A list of the Replicants can be found at (any of the Hive, Replicants or USC buttons towards the top of the page will take you to the appropriate Replicant Lore page.) This add on may be chosen as many times as you would like. If you choose this add on please message us, with the name of the Replicant and either your write up, or things about you to have in the remembrance from the Replicant. (You may also choose from the 10 unnamed replicants that are coming out in this expansion and we will insert the proper name into the story once it gets named. or a replicant's experience in one of the rooms.)

U.S.C. Expansion (+$18): get an additional copy of the U.S.C. expansion.

Core Game (+$20): Get an additional copy of the core game.

Custom Replicant (+$50): Want your own replicant? With this add on you can send us an art request for a Replicant of your own making. Let us know the look you want for your replicant and our artist Joey Valdillez will draw and ink your replicant on 7" square card stock, just like he does for our originals.

Replicants are Invading Our Shelves  (+$115): Get 6 copies of the core game and 4 copies of the U.S.C. expansion. And while we are at it we will donate a copy of the core and expansion to a youth club of your choice* for each of this add on you get. *must be within the continental U.S. If you would like to have them donated to a youth club outside of the continental U.S. please message us, for additional shipping charges.

Stretch Goals:

If we reach $4000 we are going to upgrade the expansion box from a standard card stock tuck box, to a more durable plastic tuck box, all the better to travel with.


If we reach $7000 we are going to have plastic tuck boxes made for the core game and anyone getting the core game will also receive a plastic box (along with the standard tuck box the core game currently comes in.) This will also mean that all future copies of the core game will have a plastic box, and if you already have the original core game let us know and we will add the upgrade to your package when we mail out backer perks. 

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