Repetitive Beats
Repetitive Beats

This project has already launched.

1989. Thatcher's Britain. A disillusioned generation.

Acid House, the 2nd summer of Love, weekend after weekend of pure ecstasy. 

 But what happens when the rave is better than the real world?

And what do you do when the law tells you there can be no more? 

 What’s the alternative? A lager fuelled fight on the high street? A brawl in the terraces? Tiny skirts and free shots? 

 It may be legal but it’s far from better. 

 With a live DJ and plenty of classics from the day, REPETITIVE BEATS is a new, multi -media, high octane play set during one of the most influential and hedonistic movements in modern music. 

We premier at Vault Festival between 1st and 5th March before hopefully touring through the summer to festivals and regional spaces. And we need your help. It's a big project. There's a big build, there's live Dj's, there are workshops that we want to hold for local young people who find themselves stuck in the state of disillusion and abandonment we found ourselves in in the late 80's. We want to host debates and discussions on our right to party and the 1994 criminal justice act. Did it save us? Did it actively contribute to the ladette drinking culture of the mid and late nineties? Or did it condemn to a future of organised but ultimately safe fun? 

We're also hosting after show parties on the set. Massive, glowstick waving, shelf stacking parties that go into the night.. we're calling these STAY & RAVE. Because that's what you do. 

If we can get the money together to cover the initial set up costs of this project we can create something that can run and run. That is self sustainable. That can cover it's own costs and enable us to take this project to festivals where music lovers may see a piece of theatre they wouldn't have otherwise seen. Where young can learn about an untaught soft revolution that may inspire them. Where this important time can be discussed. Where we can re create parties like the ones before the law stepped in. 

We need to pay our artists and designers. We need to build a set. We need to pay for the rights to use all that classic acid house, techno, drum and bass and beats and breaks of the day. 

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