rep Kindness: crowdfunding random acts of kindness with tees
rep Kindness: crowdfunding random acts of kindness with tees

This project has already launched.

For several years now, I have been sitting with this idea and letting it marinate into something that can make a real difference. The political climate being what it is today, I think there is no better time than now to move forward with this and try to do some good in the world.

The premise behind rep Kindness is simple: we are going to stand out in the clothing industry by focusing on two things above all else:

1. High-quality merchandise that gets people excited.

2. Crowd-sourcing large-scale random acts of kindness with our revenue.

What would one of these random acts of kindness entail? Really it could be anything, something small like giving a cup of coffee to a stranger, something huge like a $10,000 check or a new car. We will capture these random acts of kindness on camera so that our customers get to share in the joy and the good vibes that we are spreading in a very clear and immediate way.

Our business falls into the category of sociopreneurship, although the concept is a little more lighthearted and carefree than many other businesses in this category. While our actions may be charitable, we are just striving to introduce a little more love into the world and make people’s lives a little better.

The ACT1! The shirt that will start it all (aka fund our first random act of kindness)
The ACT1! The shirt that will start it all (aka fund our first random act of kindness)

What We Need

We have come to you, friends, for help raising $2000.00. These funds will cover the costs of getting rep Kindness up and running and ensuring that everything goes off without a hitch. All contributions are appreciated at this point. We are all about community and banding together to do exciting things. Appropriately, for this to be successful, we are counting on others to pitch in from the start.

Risks and challenges

Our financial plan is solid, but there are a few kinks that we need to iron out. First and foremost, we need to get a firmer hold on all the legal aspects of a business that revolves around surprises and the ramifications of recording those surprises as they take place. We do not foresee this challenge or any other preventing us from hitting any of our deadlines. By backing us, you will get exclusive merchandise.

There are potential delays to planning and filming ACT1. We will be using the majority of the funding we raise from this project to secure legal counsel and to guarantee that everything that needs to be in place is in place securely.

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