This project has already launched.

RemoteToPC is is IT support software that includes remote access, system health
monitoring, and critical system alerts all in a single installation. Suppose the new CFO
of a company has his CPU on his computer go to 100%, if RemoteToPC is installed on that computer, within minutes the IT person responsible for it will get an email notifying him of the problem. He can remote login from anywhere through firewalls, across the internet and fix the problem.
RemoteToPC monitors CPU, RAM, C-Drive, and for servers whether they're online or
not. If there's ever a problem, an email alert gets generated. RemoteToPC even has
some advanced features such as remote restart, and restart into safe-mode.
Information about the system is also available in thier own personal Command Center
such as system metric graphs, internal and external IP information, network name,
online/offline, and last activity of the mouse and keyboard.
RemoteToPC is remote support tools built by IT people for IT people

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