Remedy: The Card Game
Remedy: The Card Game

This project has already launched.

Remedy is a fast-paced card game for 2 to 5 players featuring humorous characters, silly graphics and easy-to-learn rules.

Gameplay is simple!

  • Blue remedy cards weaken the illness so that you can win!
  • Red sick cards add to the illness's number. Use these to keep other players from winning!
  • Use purple infect cards to change the game flow and give yourself an advantage!
  • Bring the illness's number to 0 to win!

If you think you'll like the game, please back our project and, if the campaign is successful, we’ll send you a copy of our game!

  • This may be your only chance to get the game. Seriously! We're not sure if there will be another print-run after this! 
  • You are getting a great deal! Even if the game will be available after our Kickstarter campaign has ended, you're getting good price for as much fun as you’ll have with this game, not to mention the little exclusive extras! 
  • We need your help to get this game made! We've already designed and tested the game and we're already in contact with top-notch manufacturer, Ad Magic, to try make this game a reality, but production isn't cheap and we can't afford it without you!
  • We put a lot of love into designing this game and we hope that you'll agree that this is a fun game to play and deserves a slot in your collection!

The Game!

A copy of Remedy delivered straight to your door! Ready to be opened and enjoyed!


A high-quality PDF file with all of the cards in full size and instruction booklet pages delivered to your e-mail! Print the file, cut out the cards, and play the game!

Remedy Sticker

A cool sticker that only backers will get! A 2-inch vinyl sticker will come with every copy of Remedy!

Remedy Button Pin

A super sweet pin! Backers who order multiple copies of Remedy will get a 1.5-inch gold-colored button pin that will only ever be available during our Kickstarter campaign!

We are Sheep Tree Studios, a brand new Southern California design studio, and this is our first ever product! We are a husband and wife team passionate about games and toys! We aim to bring top-quality products to add to your collection and hope that you will enjoy them just as much as we enjoyed designing them (and we REALLY enjoy designing them)!  

If you'd like to support us, follow us, or share our campaign, we'd love to hear from you on social media!




Risks and Challenges

This will be our very first tabletop game, not to mention our very first time on Kickstarter, and so this will be our first time dealing with manufacturing and fulfillment. We've made sure to do tons of research on the subject and have already spoken with several manufacturers. As a result, we are absolutely confident that we can get it done!

Remedy has already been designed and tested so it's pretty much ready to print! The only real uncertainty is shipping and manufacturing, both of which are external dependencies. We will be using a top-notch manufacturer, Ad Magic, for print and will work as fast as possible to ship from our hands to your door as soon as we get receive them from the manufacturer!


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