Regrettable Tattoo™
Regrettable Tattoo™

In Regrettable Tattoo™ players take turns playing ridiculous tattoos on one another. The strategic placement of these tattoos racks up points on the other player's bodies. It’s not actually about how many crazy tattoos you have, but how they are arranged on your body! The person with the least points against them is the winner.

Regrettable Tattoo™ is a fun casual card game that takes less than a minute to learn.

Double-sided hex cards are played on players in a domino like fashion creating an array of weird tattoos. The base game is for 2-4 players with expansions to follow allowing for more players. Or mix two base sets and play with 5-8 players! Depending on the number of players, Regrettable Tattoo™ takes 20-35 mins to play.

Feel free to look us up on Facebook and for updates on when Regrettable Tattoo™ will be available please submit an email below. I promise not to tattoo it on my forehead for the whole world to see!

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