We all wish we had more time. Especially when we’re getting ready in the morning. We spend too much time on our phones, get distracted and don’t give ourselves enough time to get ready. We’re late to work and forget that we had that 9 am meeting.
Imagine a mirror that recognizes you; knows where you need to be and when, shows you the time, the weather and your schedule.

By making ReflectMe part of your morning routine, you can be sure to know your appointments for the day before you finish brushing your teeth.

Wake up with a reflection of your day.

We are ReflectMe, a smart mirror which uses facial recognition to create an individualized dashboard of important information about your day.
ReflectMe is a startup business created on ‪#‎StartupBus‬, an intense startup competition where bus riders conceive, build and launch a startup in 3 days over 700 miles. Follow us @ReflectMeHub.

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