[reel] - We'll air your videos to millions of TV sets!
[reel] - We'll air your videos to millions of TV sets!

[reel] is the first TV Channel dedicated to air web-based video content to a large audience through TV Networks.

You make videos: what if your videos were put on the air?

You've created and hosted amazing vids but only a few friends have seen them online? You'd like to reach a large audience?

[reel], the new TV channel, makes it for you!

Submit your videos, and we air them for a small fee. Which can be as low as $2/min! No more social network struggling to reach a few hundreds views. Get your video seen by millions!

Business videos are OK, but ads are not

We know that small businesses have little budget for communication. If your company made an interesting video that our audience may enjoy, we are willing to air it. But we won't broadcast a boring 15-second ad.

You're not a film maker? Look how [reel] is different

Haven't you zapped once for hours to find out that no TV show was interesting? Dozens of channels and always the same programs. Not to mention ads interrupting your show every 5 minutes.

That's why more and more people go for Youtube, Dailymotion or Vimeo. Lots of fantastic videos are uploaded every single minute. Some are fancy, some are serious, but they are definitely different from ordinary TV.

We bring you such videos back to your TV set. With no ads. Check this out.


 How does it work?

How does it work?
How does it work?


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