Redbeard Brew Bars
Redbeard Brew Bars

Hey folks!

We're loving what we're doing -- crafting all-natural soap from our home-brewed beer. We're proud of our Brew Bars, and we'd love for you to play a part of our growing company.

In order to really knock this thing outta the park, we're needing a little operating capital. We have some huge opportunities to get our brand out there. And we've already jumped on them.

We believe -- we know -- we're on to something here, and we know that our awesome fan base is comprised by the coolest folks around. You've proven it over and over again. You're the laidback, beer-drinkers of the world that will live to be 100. And you're our family that doesn't touch the devil's brew, but you're supporting us anyway. (We love y'all.)

With the funds we raise, we will stockpile all of the supplies we need to really, um, kickstart, this business. We've scrimped and saved and used every bit of money that we had ourselves. And now, because of the exciting, large-scale opportunities that have come our way, we want to really do this thing right.

And to do that, we need oil. Lots of oil. Avocado, coconut, and olive oils, to be exact.

With the funds we raise, we plan to buy the supplies that we'll need to get our feet under us instead of relying on one order to pay for the supplies for the next order.

Regardless of whether you give to us or not, the fact that you're here, on our page, means something to us. So thank you for reading, and spread the word, friends.

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