Red River Spice Company
Red River Spice Company

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I began making my own blends when I moved from Canyon Texas to Miami Florida, and could not find the authentic Texan and Tex-Mex cuisine and flavors that I craved, so I took my family history of several generations living along the Red River basin and combined them with contemporary experiences. Our Red River Spice blends are perfectly suited for our Red River Recipes, as well as those of your own.

These blends go perfectly with the easy to make recipes that are included with all orders, and they are perfect for bachelors and party hosts alike (this is comfort food at its best). Its not easy being a Texan living in a foreign land (Miami!), and it carries a huge burden to be expected to bring wings, ribs, chili, etc everytime one of our friends has a party. These are the blends and recipes that live up to that responsibility.

We're also not looking for something for nothing. We have matched the retail value of our rewards to your support level because in the end, it is sales of the products that will make us sustainable.

Red River Spices Gift Box
Red River Spices Gift Box


Our family history along the Red River goes back generations, and is on both sides of the family. My father was born in Wichita Falls TX, and my mother was born in Quanah. I was born in Canyon TX where the Red River cut Palo Duro Canyon out of the Great Plains. My wife took the flavors and turned and used her creativity to create a brand that truly conveys what our spice blends and our recipes are all about.

Growing up in West Texas, we spent a lot of time outside, camping, cooking, hunting and fishing, listening to stories about the Battle of Palo Duro Canyon, Adobe Walls, and family histories. We developed a taste for chili, barbeque, Mexican, Tex-Mex, and anything beef. The inspiration of those stories, old and authentic recipes, along with my own personal experiences in Texas, in the Army, and living in Florida have combined into delicious spice blends that are a connection between the present and the past.

Goodnight Chili -  Our Goodnight Chili blend is inspired by the history of Charles Goodnight, the JA Ranch, and Texas range life around Palo Duro Canyon. While best for authentic Texas chili, it can also be used on many other dishes, including chili burgers and chili fries. Use it to make authentic Palo Duro Canyon Chili (recipe included), using the ingredients that the cowboys and range hands used.

Amarillo Wing - Our Amarillo Wing blend is essential for perfectly seasoned spicy wings. This blend has been perfected since its early days along the Red River and in the Texas Panhandle, and it been met with rave reviews everywhere from our kitchen to backyards to tailgating at Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphin football games. Its best use is in our Amarillo Wings recipe (included with order).

Taco Loco - Inspired by both old and new, we took an old authentic taco seasoning recipe and adapted it to make sure we could still get our fix for the delicious late night San Loco flavor that we lost when they closed their restaurant on South Beach in 2016. This is the real fourth meal, and is perfect for many different dishes, including tacos, burritos, and taco burgers. Tacos Locos and Sloppy Loco Burger recipes included.

No Bull Rib Rub - Our No Bull Rib Rub has been perfected by family recipes along with trial and error to try and improve on perfection. Perfect for pork, chicken, and fish, this rub works in the kitchen, the backyard, and maybe even on the competition field. It is also delicious on beef, but true beef perfection is arrived through the use of nothing but salt and pepper, as you will see in our beef rib recipe.

Toxic Meatballs - Meatballs are a staple for most families (especially large ones), whether in Texas, the USA, Europe, or Asia. This is a blend that has really adapted to contemporary flavors, and is our one blend that is more international. It was inspired by a store-bought package of meatball seasoning that made the most delicious meatballs ever. But, we know WHY they were so delicious - MSG, which is why we started calling them Toxic Meatballs! However, after months of experimentation with flavors and spices, we came upon the same deliciousness, but with NO MSG! So, don't be intimidated and use this mix to make the most delicious meatballs (and other dishes) that you have ever had. Toxic Meatball and Toxic Meatloaf recipes included.

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