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Red Rising Game

Red Rising:

The Eastern Trident


Red Rising: The Eastern Trident in an all new Real-Time-Strategy game engulfing the player into the solid grips of modern war. With both multiplayer battles, an epic single player scripted campaign and an editor the player can experience the full thrust of Red Rising the way it suits you. With over 240 vehicles and over 35 playable multiplayer factions in the first release alone!


Red Rising is a development of Men of War utilising the same GEM engine with our own improvements. We intend provide the player with the full immersive experience of modern war while following our primary goal in involving as many factions as possible unlike so many games. This is why we will launch the first release with 35+ fully playable factions with over 120 vehicle models and many modern warfare maps. We hope to represent units in a realistic way as possible while still maintaining, for the player, a fair and most of all fun gameplay experience.


Here are the factions that we currently intend to fully implement on first release, this could change.

  • Argentina

  • Armenia

  • Azerbaijan

  • Albania

  • Belgium

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Canada

  • Chile

  • China

  • Croatia
  • Egypt

  • Finland

  • France

  • Georgia

  • Germany

  • Great Britain

  • Greece

  • Indonesia
  • Iran

  • Iraq

  • Ireland

  • IS

  • Israel

  • Italy

  • Japan

  • Kazakhstan

  • North Korea

  • Netherlands

  • Norway

  • Poland

  • Portugal

  • Russian Federation

  • Serbia

  • Slovakia

  • South Africa
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Syria

  • Sweden
  • United States

  • Vietnam

We will provide each of these factions with a wide array of weapons ranging from the typical AK-47 to the VHS assault rifle and vehicles ranging from the mundane Abrams to the D95 Degman.

Red Rising originated as a modern warfare mod compilation for Men of War Assault Squad 2 before developing into a mod of its very own.

We have developed a strong community backing with over 8,000 people supporting our development throughout. We greatly appreciate our supporters, and we believe that having a close bond with the community is necessary to integrate its suggestions into the game.

If you want to get a good idea of hwta we want to create in our game why not have a look at the videos, made by DiplexHeated, Raptor and Shermanator, about our mod on youtube. We are not turning that mod into a game, we are creating a brand new one so expect to see better models and an overall better gameplay than that you see. It should however give you a feel on how we intend the game to look and our commitment to factions. 

Our single player campaign will follow the epic story of Captain Lao Sheng of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army special forces and Captain Lorenzo Marinaro of the European Union Task forces in an all new global war.

The main Asian Campaign starts with Captain Lao Sheng’s discovery of Taiwan’s renewed nuclear weapons program leading to an escalation of regional and global tensions between the People’s Republic of China against US and it’s allies in the pacific.

The second campaign, set at the same time, but in Europe, will follow the italian Captain Lorenzo Marinaro of a new Eurocorps Special Forces Task Force recently created against the stronger Chinese ally, the Russian Federation.

We don’t want to spoil anything more than this, but don’t worry our writers are already at work and we are proud to announce that the asian campaign has already been written.

Since our goal is to feature as many countries as possible, all the campaigns will show the military forces of many countries that are not usually represented in videogames, like India, Thailand, New Zealand or Portugal.

  • €35,000 we will offer you the promised 120 unique models with 35+ fully playable factions.
  • €45,000 we will provide you with 35 more in game models and a drastic graphics improvement.

  • €70,000 we will introduce a whopping 50 new models and more complex campaign system that will give the player the chance to change the course of the events in the war itself.

  • €115,000 we will fulfill your desires in every way we can with many more factions (that includes also organizations such as IRA or the colombian FARC), up to 50 more models and an all new strategy campaign that will transform it in a Grand Strategy Game. (We will provide further detail in future!)

Our goal is to always get as much content in for the player, that the player wants and the more money we receive the better we become. If we actually receive more than €100,000 we will be sure to create a new set of stretch goals.

For your support for us in the coming kickstarter we can offer you a number of rewards ranging from updates to special entitlements. Each reward is cumulative, those who pledge €50 will get all the rewards above.

  • €5 ($6) A Thank you and conventional Updates through your email

  • €15 ($17) Beta Access to the game and at discounted price for the complete version

  • €25 ($28) Full access to the game

  • €35 ($40) Full access to the deluxe edition of the game*

  • €40 ($45) Alpha access and the invitation to a private Steam page with special updates

  • €50 ($57) Season pass for all the future campaigns DLC’s

  • €75 ($85)Active internal testing with the devs (access to very early version)

  • €100 ($113) Personal line with the devs through Skype

  • €250 ($284) You will be able to place in the game your own Easter Egg

  • €500 ($567) Your name will be featured as one of the best contributors of the game in the credits

  • €2,000 ($2,270) You will be able to decide to add one faction or organization of any kind in the game.

  • Donate more? We will think of something special for you!

For other currencies and languages see our website:


*Deluxe edition will include extra campaign (available separately) and downloadable soundtracks of the game

**All rewards are subject to change

***All rewards include the benefits of the previous one

****US Dollars have been shown as a guide and you not be treated as exact conversions


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