Red Bow Tie Initiative
Red Bow Tie Initiative

This project has already launched.

THE RED BOW TIE INITIATIVE pledges to remove ONE pound of trash and debris from our nations parks and waterways for each Bow Tie Sold. The Red Bow Tie serves as a symbol to remind us to keep it classy and respect our environment, while enjoying the great outdoors!

The Red Bow Tie Initiative was created by the founders of Ineffable Entertainment and includes anyone who is also environmentally conscious and wants to be a part of the initiative!  

These multi-purpose, steel Bow Ties (Bottle opener, money clip, and clip-on tie) are a reminder to "Have some class. Pick your trash". Our pledge is to remove ONE pound of trash and debris from our state parks and waterways for each bow tie sold, in an effort to prevent land/ocean pollution while creating a more environmentally conscious society. Volunteer clean-ups will be held periodically throughout the year. Clean-ups will usually include a social aspect as well, for anyone who would like to participate, such as hikes, barbecues, games, and music. 

You can find out specific details for each clean-up on our "Events" page or on our Facebook 

State parks, beaches, rivers, and lakes. Primarily, but not limited to, Maryland/Delaware/Virginia. Location will vary month to month depending on where the need arises. If you would like to request a certain area please contact us at Check out to stay up to date on clean-ups. 

"OVER 80% OF MARINE POLLUTION COMES FROM LAND-BASED ACTIVITIES" We believe this sounds like something preventable. While littering may seem like a victim-less crime, most of it gets swept into storm drains and nearby waterways, eventually polluting our oceans. We are taking the initiative to prevent the pollution of the worlds oceans by removing it before it ever gets there. We see a need for our communities to take leadership and follow through with action for the changes we want to see. The change we would like to see and be a part of is restoring and preserving our nations parks, waterways and wildlife by creating a more environmentally conscious society. 

You can help by purchasing our multi-purpose bow tie which equals ONE pound of trash and debris removed from our state parks or you can join us at one our volunteer clean-ups to help restore our trails, parks, rivers and lakes! 



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