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Recycle Revolution

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Nguyen Solutions

I’m Justin, founder of Nguyen Solutions. I have been studying Black Soldier Flies (BSF) for 3 years; last year I quit working full time to work out a viable way to commercially produce them. I have made a career out of solving problems. As an education consultant, I am constantly overcoming teaching obstacles for firms, private schools and home schools. Working in hospitality management, there have also been numerous instances that have required crafty conflict resolution. Now I set my sights on the environment.

I am joined by a dilligent, bilingual team, built on this ground breaking idea to spark a revolution in the waste management and animal food industries.

We started Nguyen Solutions as an engine to drive change:

  1. As Christians, we believe it is important to be a good stewards of the earth.
  2. As families, we believe its our responsibility to make a better world for the next generation.
  3. As Libertarians, we believe that social problems like the environment can be solved with market ingenuity.

With the help of our backers, we can put form to the world we envision. By creating new wealth from food waste, Nguyen Solutions is tackling one of the biggest social problems of our time: the environment. With food waste going to landfills at the tune of 1.3 billion tons annually, it is time to make a move. Not to restrict, not to regulate, but to create. Producing animal food via Black Soldier Flies, we will take something unusable and into it breathe new life.

Black Soldier Flies

BSF are INCREDIBLE. A complete realization of BSF potential will radically affect multiple industries: soil enrichment, waste management, livestock feed, petroleum diesel and even skin care. The full benefits are still being discovered.  We are using BSF because they possess specific benefits that we can harness. The number one benefit is that they become a protein rich, low cost animal feed. 

Other benefits: 

  • Non-nuisance, anti-social, sanitary (don't spread disease)
  • Eat food leftovers, up to 10 times their weight a day 
  • High in protein, fat and calcium 
  • self-harvesting
  • Super durable
  • Produce tons of nitrogen rich soil amendment  

Bright future:

  • The fats can be refined into biodiesel 

When the fats are removed, the protein is separated out and can still be used in animal feed! This can solve a major problem in driving down the price for biodiesel, because the byproducts still generate revenue. 

  • Their exoskeleton is high in chitin

Chitin is becoming known as a substance that is very beneficial for skin care. Promising research is currently underway with cosmetic companies collecting chitin from BSF.

The Project: Brass Tacks

Food leftovers from hotels and restaurants will be delivered to our recycling plant for processing. BSF will consume food waste for 14-18 days before self-harvesting. Next, they will be inactivated, sanitized and made into animal feed. This feed will be lab tested for quality and sent to a farm to be tested for efficacy. 

To learn more about BSF, check out the videos above or get the details of our project on our website.


We need $50,000 to make this a success.

Equipment                    19,400

12 Month Operating Cost            22,500

Quality Tests and Control            2,000

Fees, Media, Perks                    6,100



Our plan is to: 

  1. invest in our start-up equipment (warehouse, truck, etc.)
  2. operate for a 12 month period (labor, utilities, fuel, etc.)
  3. lab test our feed's nutrient profile
  4. pay for fees, perks and media

The Impact

The impact of this project is far-reaching. One facility at full capacity can handle over 200 tons of food waste monthly. From there, we multiply. This addresses our first social problem, the environment. But we won't stop there, we also want to advance charity. 

The second social problem that are taking on is charity. Once Nguyen Solutions becomes profitable, we are committing a majority of our profits to community development. We are passionate about using our business as a tool for genuine, organic and voluntary social development-- this takes shape not only for the environment but also with people. These are the ways we commit to philanthropy:

  • Sell soil Amendment at a very low cost to poor farmers with nutrient deficient soil 
  • Establish Bali’s first soup kitchen where anyone can come, eat and hear about Jesus

Long term: 

  • Link the soup kitchen with a small orphanage
  • Build a rigorous academic school for the homeless children of Bali

By supporting our project, you get to be a part of a company that wants to do more than just become profitable. We can solve environmental concerns and use that as a springboard to be unconditionally charitable.


The actual process of food waste to animal feed is relatively simple. The three main challenges in BSF production are:

  1. Few animal farms are willing to try a new and untested product.
  2. Strict regulations in western countries impede new protein development.
  3. High investment costs are required to cover land, labor and capital.

We have a clear path to overcome these hurdles.

  1. We have already partnered with farms that are willing to help us develop new feed.
  2. We are industry and self-regulating; our own due diligence requires us to lab test our product and maintain the highest quality. 
  3. The cost of living is extremely low compared to western standards, making all of our start-up costs significantly less than they would be in America. 

We are fully prepared to take on the challenges inherent with a start-up. We have already solved some of the problems facing other BSF start-ups. We have the plan, creativity and work ethic to make this project a raging success.

Promote, promote, promote!

We appreciate all of our backers. If you can’t support us financially, here are some other ways you can back us:

Remember, if you have any questions, ask them in the comments! Chances are that others wonder the same thing as you- and we are happy to answer!


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Thanks so much guys!

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