Reckon Comic Mag:
Reckon Comic Mag: "Gays ain't FAGS, Bullies are the FAGS"

What is this project for?

Glad you asked!!! Our project is called "Reckon Comic Mag". It is a monthly comic magazine that is focused merely on life and events in High Schools and Colleges.

Our 1st Edition: "Gays ain't Fags, Bullies are the Fags". It's no longer news that gay people have been tagged "Fags, Faggot's or Perverts", and critically the world is accepting it with open hands. Well our 1st Comic Edition is dedicated to un-tag the slogan " Fags, Faggot's or Perverts" because we believe that it is wrong and unacceptable. No man should be bullied, condemned or killed because he is gay. We believe that the bullies and the oppressors who think they have the right to judge and bully gay people are the ones who are truly Faggots.

The Story

Our 1st Edition is "Gays ain't Fags, Bullies are the Fags" which will be published in May 2016. It is a comic story of a high school trooper Damian. Damian is the lady's man and captain in the football team. Damian and his gang loves bullying gay people; but unknown to everyone Damian has a secret. He is Gay. Finally the secret leaked out and Damian got the taste of his own medicine as his friends, teachers, team members and his girlfriends all took turns to make his life a living hell.

Our 2nd Edition is "Professor NerdChick". It is full of suspense and we can't not reveal the story until its published in June.

With your support, our comic magazine will become a reality.

Thank you for your profound support.

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