Recipe & Brew Savants
Recipe & Brew Savants

About this project

RecipeSavants is much more than a collection of recipes.

There are a number of recipe sites on the internet, a majority of them are just aggregates of recipes from other sources and offer no unique content of their own. This is where Recipe Savant is different, we will offer recipes from local chefs and foodies alike. Moreover, you the member can submit your own recipes and share them with your friends (and maybe even make a few new ones).

  • Much more than just recipes:  All registered users have the ability to build a network of foodies around the globe that you can build “community” with, sharing and gaining food knowledge and understanding.
  • All recipes are editable:  All registered users have the ability to suggest an improvement to a recipe. To correct a mistake or make the recipe easier to follow.
  • Registered users can create Meals:  A meal is a grouping of recipes. Meals can also be shared just like recipes with your RecipeSavant network.
  • Manage Shopping and Pantry Items:  Registered users can also create Shopping Lists and manage their pantry items; making planning your next fete or weekly shopping trip a breeze.

The funding is being target to help pay to grow and take this business to the next level, to pay for development staff and recipe feeds.

Risks and challenges

Like all software development projects, this one will surely face the challenge of scope and/or schedule creep. It is my plan to utilize my over twenty years of professional development experience to rightsize expectations so we can deliver a great product in the time frame we have specified.

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