RBK Creative Hub- How to be a creative person!
RBK Creative Hub- How to be a creative person!

This project has already launched.

What is "Creative Hub"?

You're a creative guy? Produce content? We do not care whatever you're a magician, a hip-hop dancer, a writer, a rapper, a boy who creates colorful murals around the world here. If you have the makings of a champion and you have the skills to create high-quality content, we want you. Creative Hub is the project signed RBK Association, which wants to bring together all the deserving young people who want to break into the world of social and otherwise. 

But what effectively RBK Creative Hub is? We want to create a meeting point for artists and art lovers, by creating a web platform and some big events around the world.

These image are previews of our website. We are currently working on it!
These image are previews of our website. We are currently working on it!

We think the most important thing is to give to anyone the opportunity to express his own creativity. There are a lot of people who would like to express their talent but they can't do it cause of some obstacles. We want to remove these (the monetary one, for examples, by contacting sponsors) and let everyone wants to try to express himself. 

Thanks to RBK you will be able to count on a sponsorship support, and in the near future, financially. We want to create a "society of creative" together with our Creators. If there were to be interest, we want to develop a platform to promote your work.

  As you know, on social networks we can find all sorts of information or content. Many people have had luck and managed to emerge. But still many hidden talents are ready to be discovered, and find it difficult to emerge because of too many opponents content and little chance of being included among the "featured" ones. Followers of RBK Creative Hub would help both as a public, both at the monetary level, their favorite creator, contributing to the creation of musical events and conventions of young talent. Maybe not everyone is interested in learning about new photographers, but sections like music have a large following, and we think it would be interesting to see in some big cities, events to discover the most deserving artists, and launch new faces on the market.

Why should you help our project?

The answer to this question is very simple: as we have already explained this thing could develop a social network, a music market, an evens organizing firm, or maybe even all three. Our plan is to lead and promote the art of young people in the world, and as art lover you should give us a hand!

What about "Creators compilations"?

The creators affiliates with us will be identified and verified by the type of content they produce. We can imagine that will come some music producers, dancers, photographers or artists. These creators are right now producing digital content, sometimes exclusive, sponsored and funded by our project. These exclusive content will then be appreciated by all those who helped our project, in the form of video compilations and digital photos or drawings, every month. Some content will also be shared about our company or website.


 By funding our project you are not only helping us, but also the creators of the world. We intend to fund new projects and the people who will take them forward. Although we realize that our project is very ambitious, our goal is to find and give a new chance to young people and artists like us. The more creative. The most talented. The best, in fact.


We know that not everyone can be creative and good with art, and just because of this we though that we can also help projects creator, in fact if we will get some popularity we will become sponsor of your project, giving you a new opportunity. 

Whose "Creative Hub" for? Can I be part of it even if I do not produce content?

Of course you can! Indeed, Creative Hub is especially dedicated to those who do not produce art, but loves to see it. Examples are our reward "How to be a creative person," which are aimed at people who are quite common, but want to deepen their knowledge and vision of youth art. We realize that not everyone can make art, but anyone can love it and "Creative Hub" would collect many interesting disciplines, for all kinds of tastes!

We want to make some online talent shows, this because  everyone is gonna be able to show his art and have the opportunity to become popular. Obviously there will be lot of prizes! And if you will be good in these talent shows we will contact you to become one of our featured creators. Of course we also want to create physical events, if we are going to have a good popularity, even in major cities of Europe and the US.


This project is made by a group of Italian guys (because, as you obviously know, all best art comes from Italy :D). We created this because we thought that actually, in any of the most famous socials, a person who wants to express all his creativity or art can't really do it.

This because all socials are full of stuff of any type, so your art would be covered by a lot of other things;  we decided to create on our own a new platform made for who wants to express himself , but also for who can appreciate it. So, this is a new platform where you can, in totally freedom and with nothing that may annoy you, express you creative side.

 Our rewards are thought for creative people: videos, wallpapers, posters and everything are all full of colors, and can be appreciated by people like you, but they can also be good for who would like to try to be a creative person, in fact our rewards also can be suitable for who is trying to become a creator and maybe later may produce some content. 

So we think our rewards may really help you and be appreciated by you, and all this with a price that we think is fair and not too expensive.

Help us by buying one of our 10 posters-design or a wallpaper! We are currently drawing them!
Help us by buying one of our 10 posters-design or a wallpaper! We are currently drawing them!


10 Euros- Digital art Pack
10 Euros- Digital art Pack

 Where are we going to spend these money?

You want to know how we are going to use the money and where they will go?

No problem, listed here there are the percentages of how we are using the money:

  • 10% kickstartes taxes: we couldn't decide this, it's a tax.
  • 15% advertising campaign: we want to use a pretty big part of the money to have a good sponsorship of our project.
  • 20% staff salary: we obviously have to pay people who work in our staff.
  • 25% website creation: to create a good website, lot of skill, time and money are needed.
  • 30% rewards production: we need a lot of money to create all rewards that we have to send you, by paying the most deserving creators.

So this is how we meant to spend the money, we think this is the most fair way to use them and we hope you will consider that as we do.

Make people talk about you

Yes, it is. We want to introduce in your thoughts a new concept of "network" promoting a way of thinking, an art form that we hope will be able to spread on the web. Once we achieved the necessary funds we will launch an advertising campaign on social networks for those who want to join our cause. We accept creator promising and a certain level, you need to push yourself beyond your limits. We thought, to differentiate the various sponsorships, to create several layers each tied to a certain type of benefits. Each level refers to all types of products contained, therefore the levels do not differ as to content, but as for support from the RBK Association. In addition, it is important to remember that social listed are all valid, and although you can connect only one profile for each social-network, visits and followers of different social are cumulative.


From here on, the project will explain in detail how to be part of our "creators division". If you are not a creator you can safely do not read this part, because it is not essential and it is difficult to understand for those who do not frequently use the world of social networks. The project, for you, it's finished. Thank you for giving us your time and do not forget to make a small donation!


Before becoming a real Creator, you need to know some things. The first and very important is that becoming a creator agreeing to our Terms and Conditions. Quiet, is not anything that, simply demand the utmost transparency from you, and if you you committed something bad, you give us permission to immediately cancel your membership. ​The second condition is, in case you produce content, to have right of use for each of yours. We will not use them for profit, but in the event that you have a video clip or advertisement, we must be able to guarantee exclusive materials. And who better than you Creator could produce them?

 Become a member of RBK Creative Hub will offer you a world of possibilities: contacts with new sponsors, invitations to national and international events, support for travel, financial support and opportunity to be selected to participate in specific creative programs, from small movies with real-sponsors to events related to your art. Is not required to be of age of 18, if not at the time of the money transfer, in that case, if you are a minor, parental approval will be sought.


Make your creativity impress people

  • ART AND PAINTING: The program for the graphic arts covers not only painting, but any form of visual expression. It therefore part painting, street art and graffiti, sculptures of all kinds, from classic to modern, design art graphics on pc, pencil drawing of a simple spreadsheet. Note that also artistic photos are in this category ​ This type of Academy is based on sending, by the Creators interested, content mainly concerning photography, which will be of very good quality (minimum 1920x1080 px, for more detail go in the dedicated section, or click the button to the left). Once submitted and approved, the photos will be published and approved, along with a brief description associated with the profile of those who have published (link included). The best will receive funding in money from our sponsors and "travel-award" to share their art form. They are particularly popular youth initiatives and the crazy ones!
  • DANCE: The dance program includes all types of dance, from hip hop to classical dance. They are particularly appreciated performance in the street or in the square, which are a symbol of the youth revolution. Although the shuffle dance is very popular, it is having become trendy on the web. ​ Performances receive the same type of advertising of all other disciplines (to learn more, click on the button to the left). The content that we would get here are also videos and photos of high quality. Videos must be at least as HD (1920x1080 px) and a focus on music, which is of excellent definition, we recommend to mount following the performance, without then record it live.
  • MUSIC: As in any other discipline, the "Music" section has no particular preferences gender. Each performance is welcome, regardless of the type of performance: it is a song, a base, a rap, a remix. The quality must be the best possible. ​ The content that we would like to receive is essentially the audio track produced, which must be in HQ MP3, MP4, or previously uploaded to the web. Of course, video productions are not richeste, but definitely appreciated. The type of sponsorship that will benefit your content is published on all of our platforms, and its use as a substrate for videos produced by us and third parties. Please note that by sending your track, you consent to it by the RBK Association and authorized by Creators. Of course first you use any title you will be sent an email with the details.
  • OTHERS: In this section you can share all kinds of projects and talented, I'm not kidding. Are you a wizard? A writer? You have a whole your art form and would like to share with the world? This site is the right one. ​ Even here you will be required in a photo and visual contribution, in addition to a detailed explanation in the case of not common creations. Videos must be of good quality, and where possible, do not contain any copyrighted material (trademarks, songs and pictures does not own production). If your talent is innovative and creative, you will receive the right visibility, receiving the same awards available in all other sections. To find out more, click on the button to the left.



Risks and challenges

The main point is to be known, in Italy and in the world. With your help this would be easy to solve the problem: the association has already contacts in the administration of some of the largest communities. Our site will of course be completed, we will purchase a personal domain and translate it in various languages. And we immediately want to get to work to organize events and to find generous sponsors willing to help. We already have some contacts with Red Bull and Razer. We also want to develop partnerships with leading creators on social, other action that would result in considerable publicity to our cause.


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