CapHat Keypad for the Raspberry Pi
CapHat Keypad for the Raspberry Pi

Introducing A Raspberry Pi Capacitive Touch HAT

An offical capacitive touch keypad HAT for the Raspberry Pi ideal for students, makers & educators who want to transform their Raspberry Pi capabilities.

Not only does it look great but also it conforms to the official Raspberry Pi Foundation HAT specification.

That way you can be worry free about using it with your Pi.

Great for Creators, Students & Educators

Simple design, simple software and all tied in to the existing Raspberry Pi eco system.

The only limit is your imagination. Be it a simple door keypad, a drum kit or even a way to communicate with aliens. We guarantee you'll be up and running in no time

Superb Cost

The Kickstarter launch starts on 14th November 2016. Please follow the CapHat website to keep informed of funding for the CapHat.


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