Random Coping Chess
Random Coping Chess

This project has already launched.

We, the creators of Random Coping Chess, have a love-hate relationship with chess. Often, our egos get too wrapped up in the game, and a defeat in chess results in numbing belittlement of our person, our cunning, and our intelligence. However, we admire the genius of a game that has endured so many hundreds of lifetimes and has been adopted by so many cultures. 

In creating Random Coping Chess, we have added an element of storytelling and chaos, allowing the game to come to life. Often the game plays out like a dramatic novel, with sudden twists and turns. Sometimes it seems as though the Random Coping deck has sentience, creating scenarios you never could have imagined for yourself.

We believe this makes chess more accessible. When a skill disparity would normally make a chess match blandly one-sided, a newbie can play a seasoned veteran in Random Coping Chess, and the game could go to either player. Instead of "Rook to B5", you'll hear people saying "My Petty Wizard boards the Cat Bus" or "I will use my Neck Romancer to sacrifice my pawn and revive your undead queen". This game is not designed for chess masters, but rather for anybody who loves games, stories, and adventure.

In the game above, an act of humility has given one player an excess of pawns and knights, trapping their sliding pieces; a wall was built in the middle of the board, and Shamhat (played by the mouse) threatens to seduce any piece that tries to take her.

The Rules are simple: Before each turn, a player rolls a die. If the die comes up a 1, they draw a Random Coping Card. The card will change the rules in some way - sometimes almost imperceptibly, sometimes quite extremely. There are 50 cards in the Random Coping deck. All the instructions for how the game has now changed will be on the card. Checkmate is no longer the end condition for the game; instead the king must actually be captured because the rule changes can sometimes save the king from certain death, and it is not even always clear when he is in check––sometimes he will be in probabilistic check (e.g. 25% chance that an elephant will push him off the board), or the piece checking him might be a Cylon implant on his own side, or it might be invisible! Similarly, sometimes the King can be taken even if he was not in check the previous turn. We fondly call this a "Royal Screwing."

The rules are simple. The coping is hard.

Our motivation for this Kickstarter, more than anything, is to create a community around the game. We love Random Coping Chess! We often daydream about new creative cards we can add to the deck, and we have spent endless hours and days playing and testing over 100 cards we've invented over the past two years. Now, we want to engage fresh minds and new perspectives. We want stories about others experiencing the game! We want to hear ideas other people have for Random Coping cards! We want to host tournaments! 

Please never hesitate to reach out to us: randomcopingchess@gmail.com

Because we have more beloved cards than we could possibly fit into one deck, we have already created several themed extension packs. We have no intention to stop creating more wonderfully wild cards, so by staying involved you can be the first to know when more Random Coping cards are on their way!

The back of every card is adorned with the image of "Pretzel-Maus", painted on gold leaf by Isaac himself. Framed by warrior snails, snail goats, and other characters from illuminated medieval texts, we are proud to say that the thematic ties between the art and the game itself are foggy at best.

The funds raised from this Kickstarter will be used to cover the cost of printing the decks and the cost of shipping them to people! 

*Our goal is to get all products delivered by Christmas*

So if you're looking for gifts for the holidays, please consider pledging!

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