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Record your next 100 bowls of ramen with RAMEN 100. Challenge your friend to make it a more exciting race!

Here's a Challenge for you! 

Let's see who can finish 100 bowls of ramen first!

Last year, I've eaten 100 bowls of ramen. As a result, I created a Kickstarter project that introduce "25 top ramen bowls you must try in Japan." For the new year, I want to do something different. I want to challenge 100 bowls with all of you ramen lovers from around the world! Let's eat and enjoy ramen together! 


Every time you eat a bowl of ramen, add a sticker. Do the same until you hit your 100th bowl! 

Don't forget to try different types of ramen to widen your variety!

An empty box (right next to the circle) is provided so you can write a short note about your experience. It can be the type of ramen, how it taste, the restaurant name, etc... 


To make this game more interesting and exciting, challenge your friends and see who can reach 100th bowl first! It can be an one-on-one, 4-player, or even a 10-player game!


RAMEN 100 is not only a challenge of eating 100 bowls of ramen, it has a lot more to offer to make the entire game educational and fun!

Learn Simple Phrases in Japanese 

Scattered throughout the map, you will find phrases about food or encouragement! These phrases are in Japanese (+pronunciation) & translated to English. 

Receive Your Ramen Title Along the Way

It feels good whenever we achieve a goal. When you reached a certain number of bowls, you will receive a title. First, you will be titled as Ramen Novice, then Ramen Explorer, Ramen Fanatic, Ramen Specialist, Ramen Connoisseur, and finally, Ramen Star! 

Poster Background

It may not look like it to you, but it is actually based on the map of Central Tokyo. From a real map, I traced every single block so I can work with different colors, opacity, etc. The map background makes it feel more like a exploring game!


RAMEN 100 is going to be printed within the USA. Dimension is 19inch x 27inch (68.58cm x 48.26cm) coated glossy 80 lb. poster paper.  

Sticker Design

Each round sticker is 0.875 inch (22mm) in diameter. The design resembles a Japanese-style stamp seal. Instead of making a seal (which requires ink pad as well), I made stickers to replicate the effect of a stamp. It is easier to un-peel and stick. It will avoid making a mess with the red ink too.

Above the bowl of ramen, it says "おいしい", (pronounced "Oishii") which means "Delicious!" For this challenge, your kit will include 100 "oishii" stickers!

Ready to challenge 100 bowls of ramen?

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