Rambex Universal & DIY Camera Lens
Rambex Universal & DIY Camera Lens

This project has already launched.

Rambex 105mm f/8 Universal and DIY Camera Lens v1.0 has a unique design and several advantages over any other camera lens. The Universal Lens is fully manually operated and focused by sliding focusing tube forwards or backwards.


It is simply made and comes with all the necessary parts for successful photographing, however user has a chance to replace and modify diaphragm (aperture hole) and lens elements in such way changing focal length, photography effects and picture quality.


The camera lens mount part is removable, therefore, for each camera type user needs to use a specific mount that comes with the lens. As a camera mount ring is used standard 58mm Macro Reverse Ring. Both ends of the lens has a 58mm x 0.75mm pitch Female thread, so the mount ring can be placed in any of the camera ends.


Each camera type has a specific focal flange distance, that is, the distance between sensor and rear lens element, in order to be able to focus infinity. So, this lens allow you to place rear lens elemtent in distance you need. As lens elements for the Universal Lens are used a standard set of 52mm Close-up filters with magnification of +1, +2, +4 and +10. So you can buy Hoya or B+W if you need better quality.

 Close-up filter set

Art photography always been about experimenting and this lens is ideal for those who want to create unique images. Also this lens can be used as your standard lens where you can photograph everyday events, nature, parties and wedding. It is perfect as a travel lens - lightweight and very durable.

Macro Mode

Both of the lens ends has a 58mm thread to which you can attach camera mount ring or other accessories. When you use lens in reverse position - you get increased magnification and ability to focus in very close distance which is perfect for Macro photography. On top of that to improve your Macro shoots further - you can attach any standard Macro Flash light. Can you do this with any other lens? NO! Take advantage of it as this is possible with the Rambex Universal Lens only.

Technical Specifications

  • Focal length (approx.): 105mm
  • Aperture (approx.): F/8
  • Lens elements in standard KIT: 4 lens elements in 2 groups
  • Lens mount ring thread size: 58mm
  • Front lens filter thread size: 58mm
  • Filter attachment size inside the lens: 52mm
  • Size extended: 157mm
  • Size collapsed: 90mm
  • Weight *with 4 lens elements, without camera mount ring*: 530g
  • All lens body parts are made of metal (anodized Aluminium)
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