Radwraps RadiMatch Magnetic Radiator Covers
Radwraps RadiMatch Magnetic Radiator Covers

Wallpaper your own bland radiators to match your walls...

For years our customers at Radwraps have asked can they have their wallpapered wall designs printed on our specially formulated magnetic radiator covers...



We tried in many ways to do so but always fell short, colour, detail, proportion all being a problem, copyright of design being the biggest problem.




So we went away to the design drawing board and created a product to fit our customers needs..




RadiMatch is our specially formulated magnetic sheet with a pull off adhesive, now our customers can match the wallpapered walls to their bland radiators...


  • A RadiMatch radiator cover doesnt take any of the heat away from your radiation system
  • Fitted very simply with little DIY knowledge needed
  • Rid the bland radiators thoughout the home
  • Provides protection from burns from the front surface

RadiMatch tested at Liverpool John Moores University

We knew when we first created our product that it didnt stop any heat, we tested this in the real scientific location of our bathroom at home, as you can understand we needed accurate tests from a recognised organisation.  So we approached Liverpool John Moores University and their Low Carbon Innovation Hub. 

We wanted to find a few things about our product when fitted...

  1. Is any heat lost from the radiators and radiation system.. 
  2. What difference in heat loss between our product and wooden radiator covers..
  3. How much energy can be saved by replacing wooden covers for our product..

There is NO heat loss from our product

A RadiMatch is 118% more effiecient than a wooden radiator cover


Why Crowdsource 

We value customer/market feedback...

Launch RadiMatch into the European market...

A truly innovative product using innovational funding method...


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