Hello everyone! We’d like to introduce Race Friends – the first ever game of Katspin Entertainment – to you! Its inspirations are, in order: Cruis’n World, Mario Kart, and F-Zero. Our team is made of Katie Jurek (artstuffs) and Sindre Hauge Larsen (programmingstuffs).

We felt a super hankering to make a racing game some months back, and when we soon launched headfirst into the development of Race Friends, we were incredibly inspired to see it grow so fast! So now we want to complete it and make it available for others since we enjoy ourselves with it so much. So there. ^_^

Race Friends is a fast-paced, high-speed racing game complete with items, tricks, and high scores. It currently has five playable monster characters: Snoxy, Poof, Lilla, Gul, and Blicy (props to you if you know what language two of those names come from!). You can unlock items and achievements by completing races, getting a higher score, racing faster, doing more tricks, knocking players off the tracks, beating more players during your game’s lifetime, and more! Some special unlockables include cosmetic items like hats and paint jobs. :3

On to what we currently have:

Current Features

·         Unlockable characters, vehicles, levels, and cosmetics/accessories!

·         Music from up-and-coming great Michael Marhal!

·         Characters sit in their cars!

·         3-D minimap! It’s really rad, for serious. :D

·         Can pick up items and foil your friends (or enemies?) with them!

·         Can do tricks to add points to your score!

·         Special, visual distortion effects for certain items!

·         Fully playable offline.

·         Upload your created media (art, wallpapers, etc.) to the community website – or view and download media that others have created!

·         Continual content – We will periodically add more canonical cars or levels to the website ourselves!

·         Gamepad support – Play with your beloved PS/Xbox USB controllers!

·         Local multiplayer – Play on the same computer with a friend using two USB controllers, or if you’re really hardcore (masochistic?), different spots on the keyboard! ;P


Possible Future Features

·         Mobile (Android + iOS) versions! (stretch goal)

o   Why is this a stretch goal? We need to downsize the game’s assets pretty significantly as well as recode some things to ensure gameplay on mobile phones is working at all, let alone working smoothly and devoid of lag.

·         Level editor unleashed to public – Create your own tracks and upload them for others to play! (stretch goal)

o   Why is this a stretch goal? The editor is currently fairly complex with a lot of esoteric gadgets and gizmos. We need to see that there’s enough support for the game to merit the effort and time invested in simplifying the editor so that everyone can easily understand it (think even simpler than the original Starcraft’s Campaign Editor).

·         Online multiplayer (stretch goal)

o   Why is this a stretch goal? Because Jesus, it’s at least a smidge on the complicated side. Completing this without having enough peoples to justify it would be very frustrating. o_o


Race Friends will be available immediately upon release for PC. We require additional help to put the game on Steam, to port the game to Android and iOS, to possibly put it on Ubuntu, and to support the game’s web site, which will be used to host media and uploads from the community such as custom levels (stretch goal) and accessories. :D

We’re really excited to bring this project to you all as soon as we can, so help us out, and be sure to share the link with your friends to ensure we meet our goals and can give you the best experience possible! ^_^


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