QuickStove Cook Kit - Emergency, Outdoor, Survival
QuickStove Cook Kit - Emergency, Outdoor, Survival

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A Survival Cook Kit with Stove, Pot and Fire Starters. Ideal for camping, outdoors and emergency prep.

The QuickStove Cook Kit (Emergency Preparedness, Outdoor Survival, Camping)


Why Buy?

The QuickStove Cook Kit was designed to be an affordable emergency preparedness kit that has everything you need to stay warm, boil water, or cook food when your car gets stranded in a blizzard, when you get stuck at work because of a tornado or when the power goes out at your house for a week. 

Now is the time to get your house, car and office ready for the disaster you never think will happen. 

This Kickstarter gives you, our supporters, the opportunity to be the first to receive the Cook Kit at exclusive pricing. 

Even though Christmas is a mile away buy a few extra kits for Christmas presents for loved ones. Christmas will be here before we know it, just like the next disaster will be here before we know it. 

What You Get - Cook Kit (Ships April 2017)

  • Custom Branded Stainless Steel Pot
  • Cube Stove
  • 2 Fire Starters

The Pot

  • Holds the stove and fire starters for easy transportation as a self contained kit 
  • Has a sturdy handle that locks the lid down for secure transportation
  • Lid can be used as a cooking pan, eating plate or flipped upside down while cooking with the pot to be used as a double boiler
  • Great for cooking cakes, loafs, boiling water, heating up food 
  • Holds up to 7 cups of water (1.65 Liters)

The Stove

  • Made of Aluminized Steel with an electrostatic surface which reflects heat better than stainless steel or other comparable surfaces.
  • 4" tall x 4" square, folds to 2.75" tall
  • Can be used with the QuickStove pot, or any other cooking pan, pan, or cup
  • Weighs less than one pound
  • Made in the USA
  • Can be used again and again, unlike other disposable stoves
  • Accepts multiple fuel sources (Fuel Tablets, Sterno Can, Wood, Charcoal, Alcohol Burner, Fire Starter)
  • Boils water in 4 minutes
  • No assembly required

6 Fuel Sources + 12 Cooking Positions

The QuickStove Cube Stove can be used with pretty much any fuel source you can imagine. It is the ultimate multi fuel stove. 

Easily accommodates multiple fuel sources and a large pot or small cup for meals of any size.

Size: The Cube Stove is small enough to fit in your hand

The Fire Starter / Fuel Disks

  • Made of cedar and highly-refined wax 
  • Made in the USA 
  • Each fire starter can burn 30 to 45 minutes 
  • Waterproof. Easy to light even when soaked in water 
  • Can be stored indefinitely 
  • Burns at over 1,000 degrees within two minutes
  • Can use the fuel disk as a stand alone fuel source or just use it as a fire starter and feed the flame with sticks and wood 
  • Leaves no residues or toxic chemicals behind

Exclusive to Kickstarter - The Deluxe Cook Kit

  • The Deluxe Cook Kit include everything in the Basic Cook Kit plus waterproof matches, utensils, food storage sample, and LED Solar Panel Keychain Flashlight. 

The Rewards 


The Impact

The QuickStove Cook Kit will make a significant impact to the most important people, your family and loved ones. We will give you the peace of mind that you and your family are prepared in an emergency. We have been providing this assurance for years and now it's time to make our impact even greater.


Risks and challenges

We have already purchased the inventory needed to fulfill the orders we get from Kickstarter and the inventory is arriving April 2017. We are doing this kickstarter to get orders and money to fund the next order of inventory as soon as possible. We have an amazing product and we have completed the designing, prototyping, manufacturing and shipping. No need to worry about not getting your product. It has already been ordered and is on its way.

In exchange for your help, we are offerings exclusive pricing. As a bonus, we are also offering a limited time deluxe cook kit.

If you do not have the means to contribute, we would love you to spread the word. Please share our campaign on social media and reach out to at least 3 people you think want an awesome emergency survival kit!

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