Quick Lok Furniture | Say Goodbye to IKEA | NO tools NO HARDWARE!
Quick Lok Furniture | Say Goodbye to IKEA | NO tools NO HARDWARE!

We are pleased to introduce the RELAUNCH of our Quick Lok Furniture Crowd Funding Initiative here on KickStarter.

Why the relaunch?

Our first launch was a "soft launch."  We wanted to see how people would react to this AMAZING product and to see how much traction it would get with minimal promotions.  Notto mention this was our first crowdfunding campaign and we wanted to see how it worked.  The ONLY way we promoted with social media was through Twitter and some through Facebook.

Without "major" promotions we gained 33 backers at an average of $100 per backer which, in our book, is pretty good.  We also wanted to test out the funding goal amount.  

We are taking a different approach with the relaunch.  We will try and fund each step as so many others have done.

First step?

Our first step will be to get a 3D printer to work on the redesign of the locking mechanism that holds the furniture together which will make it even easier to use.  Also to make a wider verity of products to take to market, trade shows and all around to show everyone just how versatile this technology is.

With this machine we can also work on other prototypes we are currently working on.  As well as using it to help others work on their prototypes and idea so they will not have to pay the outrageous prices that other companies charge for prototyping and 3D printing.  (See our new rewards for 3D printing)

What is Quick Lok Furniture?

Our furniture is designed with this new system already incorporated, all you have to do is SLIDE the pieces together and "LOK" it in. That is it!  

To dissemble when moving is a breeze. "Unlok" and slide the pieces out. No unscrewing, damaging wood panels, losing screws or forgetting which screws go where.  

Finally we can reveal a brand new way of manufacturing Flat Packed Furniture which does not require screws, nuts, bolts or tools to assemble! Not only is it faster and easier, it is also much stronger. Below is a picture of my 80+ pound 7 year old son standing on our most basic bookshelf. Hows that for sturdy?

Hows this for sturdy!
Hows this for sturdy!

Can the "other guys" small shelves do this? Our Slide and "Lok" Technology totally eliminates the need for hardware or tools of ANY kind while assembling our DIY, flat pack, furniture.

Find out more at www.quicklok.net


Current Designs : Quick Lok Furniture designs currently include (but not limited to): shelves, book shelves, multiple storage units, night stands, dressers, beds, bunk beds.

Custom Design Services: Our customers will be able to design their own custom furniture! You will be able to go on our website and using our CAD software be able to design you own CUSTOM piece and we will manufacturer and deliver to your door! As easy as that. For those out there that can not use CAD there are many other options. Draw your design and send it in to one of our designers and let US design it for you. Even custom kitchen cabinets. Again, you go on our site download the software custom design your Kitchen with dimensions and what material you want to use and we do the rest. You design, and we deliver!

Who am I?

Russell R. Justice III
Russell R. Justice III

My name is, Russell Justice III, founder and inventor of Quick Lok Furniture. Designing has been a passion that has been following me since I was in middle school. The advancement of Computer Aided Designing (CAD) Software has allowed me to become a specialist in designing house plans and other products.

About two years ago I endured real frustration while putting together a piece of furniture. It was a real challenge coupled with some choice words you will not find in a dictionary. A few hours later while tending to blisters on my thumb and index finger I promised myself to find a better way to assemble these Flat Packed Furniture sets!

My frustration during the two years of design and testing different methods drove me mad at times, but I am a very determined person and persevered with my quest to find an alternative to using screws, bolts, nuts and hand tools.

My aim was to design a method which makes it easy to assemble furniture at home, does not take hours to build and can be assembled without help from a second person.

Why do we need your Crowd Funding Support and what will we do with the funding:

Our goal is to raise $5,000.

As we stated before our initial efforts will concentrate on getting the 3D printer in order to product more products and to introduce Quick Lok Furniture to furniture retailers via trade shows. During the early stages of growth we will outsource big orders to manufacturers in our community.

By using outsourcing eliminates the huge investment needed to set up a full blown manufacturing facility during start up. We can concentrate on further development and market our products until we are confident our orders are strong enough to support a main stream manufacturing facility.

Our project is not only about launching our own product, but also a real effort to involve you in our growth well past the funding stage. Should you pledge to this project you will always be the first to know about our new designs with an opportunity to own it before it is offered to the public at a reduced price!

We will insure this by adding EVERYONE who funds our project to an exclusive project email list of important people who will receive periodic update during AND after the Kickstarter campaign.


Over Funding and what we will do:

Any over funding will be utilized to further develop our market, product range and training of competent human resources.

Pictures of some of our prototypes.

Our Basic Shelf Prototype. 
Our Basic Shelf Prototype.

Below is the very first prototype of a bed. Now what is most interesting about this bed and the reason we chose it to be pictured is because of the diversity that comes with it. While we were still in the drafting and design stage we thought about how we would build this prototype. And the first thought was to start from scratch and build up. After many months of R&D we switched gears and wanted to really challenge this product. So in an effort to do so we went out for weeks searching local yard sales and flea markets until we finally found and old used bunk bed. Our thought behind this was to see if our brand new technology could fit into something already built. And not only did it work, but this is the very first prototype made and it fit like a charm. The moral of this story is that it shows how amazing this new system can fit almost ANYWHERE!!

The bolts you see in this photo are the one thing we are changing. We have since developed a brand new way of installing the Quick Lok System. This new way of incorporating our technology to the wood is so flawless and so clean you almost don't even know its there.

Very first bed prototype.
Very first bed prototype.

Further down the line:

I am very much a community person. Some of the profit made will be used to encourage younger members of the community to get involved.  

We will launch an annual campaign, Called, "Creative Kids," that encourages students to create, create, create. Each year before the end of school we will take the best ideas and bring those students into our facility over the summer (as a Jr. internship) and let them work one on one with one of our designers to create a prototype of their ideas.  

It is opportunities like these that define who and what we are. We were given this opportunity to bring our dream to reality and we will make sure that everyone around us has the chance to do the same.  

During this time and after the Kickstarter project is complete, we urge you to continue to write us and tell us how you feel and we will continue to tweet, Facebook, and update our site and you on our development Daily.  

I sincerely ask you to consider our project worthy of your hard earned money and ask you to make your pledge today and be the reason why QUICK LOK FURNITURE will be on the shelves tomorrow.  


Russell R. Justice II  

Inventor of Quick Lok Furniture

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