Quick Draw Minimalist Wallet: Stylish, Functional, Exquisite
Quick Draw Minimalist Wallet: Stylish, Functional, Exquisite

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Tired of having to dig your wallet out of your pocket every single time you need it or having to use two hands to access your credit card? We were. That’s why we spent the last three years designing and perfecting our patent pending BRYKER HYDE® Quick Draw Minimalist Wallet! Easily remove any card with the touch of a finger or thumb.

Quick Draw Minimalist Wallet

  • Pragmatic in its Functionality & Slimness
  • Protected from Identity Thieves (RFID/NFC blocking)
  • Aesthetically pleasing; complete & superior attention to detail


Welcome the newest addition to the Bryker Hyde exquisite leather family.

Our Quick Draw Minimalist Wallet is a handcrafted piece of beauty made out of Full Grain leather that works as great as it looks. Its slim, compact, and sophisticated design allows you to efficiently carry the things you need & access them quickly!

Most minimalist wallets are small and compact but the problem is that they lack any real functionality. We wanted a wallet that was slim and low profile but still pragmatic enough in its size and functionality to carry the essentials like a drivers license, a couple credit cards, and some cash. We also wanted a wallet that allowed us to quickly access our cards without having to use both hands. 

So we tackled this lack of functionality head on and designed our wallet around the resourceful “V” shaped card pockets on the front and back of the wallet. These pockets allows quick access to your cards with only having to use a single hand. Now you can even withdraw a card without ever taking your wallet out of your pocket. This “Quick Draw” feature works great for your favorite credit cards, work ID and transit cards.

We also know that most people really like to keep their personal information safe from identity thieves. So we’ve provided an extra measure of safety, security, and peace of mind by placing our industry leading RFID/NFC blocking technology throughout the entire exterior and interior of the wallet. We created a unique blend of composite metals that block both low and high frequencies when most only block the latter.

But what good is a functional wallet if it doesn’t look great?

We couldn’t agree more, which is why our artisan wallet is only made out of the highest grade leather on the market — handpicked Full Grain Leather that will age beautifully over time. Paired with high-end stitching our wallet offers a timeless, sophisticated look that is sure to impress for years to come. Additionally, it’s available in sharp minimalist colors that make it the perfect wallet for every style and occasion.

Kickstarter Details

  • Campaign end date — Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at 11:02 AM CST
  • Price — $30.00 with free U.S. shipping (Early Bird Pricing has sold out)
  • Campaign link — https://goo.gl/EnULhK
  • Website — http://brykerhyde.com/


Who’s behind Bryker Hyde?

Bryker Hyde was started by a leather enthusiast, just like you, back in 2015. Our founder, John, would work a regular “9–5", come home, burn the midnight oil, and design leather wallets in his garage at night. John had always been drawn to artisan crafted leather products. But the truth is he wanted the quality of a higher priced item but couldn’t justify the cost. He figured exquisite leather, detailed stitching and practical designs were out of his budget. If this was true for him then it must be true for others too.

Since then the Bryker Hyde team has grown to three and hasn’t lost touch with its core principles: functional, stylish and exquisite. Over the past three years we’ve invested thousands of dollars and countless hours into fine tuning and creating our products. Obsessed with quality and focused on affordable pricing, the Bryker Hyde team continues to innovate and develop new designs so that you too can enjoy artisan crafted leather goods without having to break the bank.

We’d love to have you along for the journey. We appreciate all your thoughtful suggestions and reviews (John personally reads them all) — they continue to help our ideas and designs grow beyond John’s garage and into your hands.


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