Quetra: 4D, 10 Degrees of Freedom Space Shooter Video Game
Quetra: 4D, 10 Degrees of Freedom Space Shooter Video Game

This project has already launched.

Quetra is a mind stretching 4 dimensional 10 degrees of freedom space shooter.

4D? 10 Degrees of Freedom?

Quetra takes place completely in 4 dimensional space. It is not just a 4th dimensional mechanic added to a 3D game. Rather, it is a best effort modeling of what a 4 dimensional being would experience. Movement, collisions, weapons, everything is modeled using 4D math down to the individual explosion particles.

You may be familiar with 6 degrees of freedom games. In those cases, the 6 comes from the 3 translations (x, y, z) and 3 rotations possible in 3D. In 4D, there are 4 translations and 6 rotations possible, thus 10 degrees of freedom. Quetra lets you experience all of them.

Game Play

Everything in the game is modeled in 4 dimensional space. There is no gravity, no special up/left/etc, Enemies may come at you from any direction... any of the 8 directions in 4D, that is.

By switching between sets of rotational planes, you can use the mouse and keyboard to move the player and control the camera manually. Also, there are several keyboard controls to move automatically relative to enemies, and focus the camera on certain enemies.

Fire your weapons to neutralize the enemies before they get you. I'll be implementing a number of weapon types, enemy behaviors, and bosses across many levels to challenge the player.


The game takes place in the Quip universe. The player Quip is "tested" in various ways by the same anomaly that was the setting for my previous game Quip Anomaly. One of those "tests" involved shifting to a 4 dimensional space and defending against enemy attacks.

Why Kickstarter?

I've spent many more years honing my technical creative skills than artistic skills. Quetra needs the love and care of artistic experts to bring the shine, eye candy, and sparkles. Most of the funding will go to getting help with the visual effects and music for the game.

My approach to 4 dimensions

There are a number of ways to visualize 4D. I chose what I believe to be the most logical one from an experiential perspective. We 3D humans have 2D retinas, so we see things projected onto 2 dimensions. Thus, I would expect a 4D being to have a 3D retina and see everything projected onto 3 dimensions. So, I use a perspective projection of the 4D world onto a 3D "retina", then project the 3D retina into 2D for your viewing pleasure.

The story behind the game

One year ago, I posted the following image on social media that sums up why I would make a game like this:


In real life, we can't really jump into 4D and experience it fully at the moment, but I'm trying to give players a taste for what it might be like in this game.

Note: the current visuals are just placeholders. It will look a lot better as we work more on the graphics and effects. 

Please also support Quetra on Steam Greenlight

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