Hello my name Nazar and I am glad to present you our startup.
Our main goal is to bring people to the street.
Quest - a mobile application designed for Internet users. The idea is to combine the elements of the social. network, computer games and active outdoor play. How will this happen? One player will be sent to another job, he, in turn, may accept or reject the task. The task can be anything (meet in the park, to run a certain distance in a certain time, etc.). Assignments may be stupid, but very stupid we will block, and send a warning. One and the most user can send the job only once in 3 days. On the day of each user can transmit only three tasks. There will also be jobs for all residents. Ie we choose the city and on Google Maps note some places. Each mark will be present encrypted job. The user will need to enter the answer to the question and send. Will be present and set to all, ie, page job will hang quest description (what to do, time, reward) that can take anyone. For each task, users will receive a coin. Coins need to be higher in the rankings.
In Quest you will have to wait for communication, real dating, tournaments where you can win real prizes, interesting assignments, awards.

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