Online meets you in person
Online meets you in person

Share immediately all your social media circles and connect instantly with Qoo Connection.' 

Sharing your music, photos, videos, articles and more in mere seconds when you meet someone and give them the ability to connect all your social media channels at the click of a button.

Imagine being able to update, share immediately and connect with your friends and family instantly; right when you see them and meet them?


Qoo was introduced to the world in 2015 after I realised that I needed to better connect with my very big family and update them on my life in the simplest and quickest way possible every time I see them.

Promoting your business has never been easier. Imagine carrying around your portfolio, company information, and business cards in a very efficient manner and actually making sure people do not lose your information.



The technology used in the device is simple yet very effective as it works without an app. Just a browser and nfc.


So how does this work:

First of all it works without an app, but it still takes two people to use.
The first person is the Qooee, and they have either a Qoo Bracelet, Sticker, Keychain, or Card.
The second person is the Qooer, and they need to have an NFC enabled smart phone in order to read the Qooee’s device.
So, the Qooer passes their smart phone over the Qooee’s bracelet or other device, and automatically the Qooee’s profile appears on the Qooer’s phone for demonstration.
It’s that easy, pass your music, articles, photos, videos in a single swipe.
Then also pass on all your social media connections, so that at a click of a button the Qooer can connect instantly to any of your social outlets.
The Qooee needs to simply set their profile and input any information you would like to share.
If you acquired it for a personal use, you may upload photos, articles, weblink, pictures, videos, music or any other information that you would like to share with your friends and family.
If you were to acquired it for a professional use, you might want to input you company information, Videos about your business, your track record, art work portfolio, books and so on. 




Now that you are all set, every time you interact with  someone new that you would like to share information with, all they have to do is scan your Qoo device with their phones.



Compatible phone brands



Qoo rethinks the way we connect
Great for the first day of college, new job, or on vacation and business travel to get to know people quickly.

The Qoo bracelet is simply a conversation starter where you can show off your best things about yourself to new people.



Share appropriately when in person
You don't need to connect immediately online or embarrassingly pull out your phone and try to show them all the cool stuff on your phone.

With Qoo bracelet everything appears on ‘their’ phone automatically and they can look at everything you want to share the way they want to.

You can choose to put a link to your Facebook page and other social circles on your Qoo Bracelet profile, and those that you Qoo with can instantly connect with you!



Job management
The Qoo sticker is great for putting on stationary that is really personalised from you because you can show who you really are with pictures and videos either from work or play.




We worked very hard to deliver an efficient and well-designed product. Our designs will continue to evolve while we ensure we input the most up to date technology.



We want to develop the product and make it available for everybody so we have built a solid business plan.

Freudon is our first step to receive feedback from our customers and further improve the product.



- Marketing and Communication
- Operation expenses 

- Fees and pledges - Production 

We are looking to create a key or a 128 byte token onto the Qoo devices that will allow you to pay for things, gain access to certain events for the entry pass, and get paid easily for delivering ads and content to those that you meet.


The vision is simple, make everyone a brand champion. Have people share what they like and get highly rewarded for meeting people in the real world. You are no longer a blogger, you are now a walking, talking, real, person delivering your unique message; and you should be compensated for your courage to interact with people in your daily lives.


The team is really a family thing, the Grindl-Silva’s. A wife, a husband, a couple brothers, supporting parents on both sides, and a young large family that likes the whole idea.

Many companies like the idea and want to integrate their platforms with the Qoo devices and the information available. Also allowing users to get the best quality ads that they deserve is key with connecting with these other companies. A big risk is opening up the API to all of these companies, but the rewards outweigh the consequences of total privacy. But privacy is only at the click of a button resolved by the user if he or she opts into having these connections.

How can I be sure that any random person will not receive my information?
People must make full contact with your Qoo device for at least one second to deliver the information. So even if you had a keychain in your pocket and you are standing next to someone with an NFC phone in their pocket the devices still will not share the information. The back of the telephone has a certain spot on it to read NFC devices. Both the chip in the Qoo devices and the spot on the back of the NFC phone need to be in direct contact for the transmission to happen.

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