Q Cloud Data | Free Cloud Storage for Q Operating System
Q Cloud Data | Free Cloud Storage for Q Operating System

Q OS is an open source Operating System built for the modern age. We are Q OS with a team of experienced developers from all around the world and we began the programming for our operating system just one month ago after multiple years of planning and research. You can see more information about Q OS on our GitHub page for the project. 

When designing Q OS, an operating system build to match the demands and possibilities of modern technology, we have to think about many different questions and what there answers could mean for the future of Q OS. One of the most important of these questions is very simple at its core.

What else is built for the modern world of computing and processing?

We want to make Q OS as powerful and feature filled as possible. By looking at current and potential future trends in technology and consumption, Cloud Data as well as Cloud Computing, two terms often used in place of the other, seem to be gaining traction and popularity very rapidly nowadays. This made us ask ourselfes the obvious question - What does this mean for Q OS, and what can we make it mean?

After lots of planning and concepts, we have started coding the backend code for what will become the Q Data Cloud. This over-complicated and very unnessasary name implies one important aspect of the Q Data Cloud - it's a Cloud of Data for Q OS

The Q Data Cloud is currently just planning and simple code, but when truly intergrated with Q OS it will be far more powerful and make Q OS a much better Operating System. Take Chrome OS, a well known Linux Operating System that currently uses cloud storage for almost everything in the OS, even storing the Applications downloaded by the user. Q OS will hopefully sometime soon in the future work in a similar fashion and store all the users files and data in the Q Data Cloud.

Unfortunately, Cloud Storage is not a magical medium for data and does require real hardware and servers to run on. Both of these are very expensive and require regular maintenance to keep in good working condition and ensure  the longest possible lifetime for the servers, which can be up to nine years when handled properly. 

This project on Prefundia was created by the Q OS Dev Team to try to measure how many people would be interested in backing a Kickstarter project with the main goal of raising funds to buy servers for the Q Data Cloud.

Thank you for looking at our project and we hope you are interesed in our Q OS project. 

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