PuzzlePhone. Upgradeable. Sustainable. Incredible.
PuzzlePhone. Upgradeable. Sustainable. Incredible.

The PuzzlePhone is a modular smartphone designed for longevity. It’s a phone that is repairable, upgradable, and tailored to meet your style and needs in a sustainable and responsible way. It’s a paradigm shift from “take, make, and waste” to “reduce, reuse, and recycle.” 
PuzzlePhone is built from modules. It has three easily replaceable and customizable modules: “the Brain” (electronics), “the Heart” (battery) and “the Spine” (screen). This reduced number of modules makes it effortless for end users to upgrade or replace hardware. It’s as simple as with software. Our architecture means that a broken display or outdated module can be easily replaced by the user.
PuzzlePhone originates in Finland, the country that led the mobile revolution. It is a manifestation of Finnish design and style - modern and functional with a warm human touch, the perfect balance of technology and beauty. It brings tangible and sustainable improvements to our daily lives.
The PuzzlePhone was developed by the Finnish startup Circular Devices Oy. Want to be first to have it? Show your support by checking out our crowdfounding campaign at Indiegogo! http://www.puzzlephone.com/

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