Have you ever been hurt by someone you love? Rejected by someone you desire? Passed over, ignored, humiliated? No more. Welcome to Purgatorium.

Everyone has at one time or another been mistreated, be it by a friend, lover, co-worker or family member. How deep do we bury these feelings of resentment and what does it take to bring them to the surface?

Purgatorium  is a psychological thriller that tells the story of Bart: a shy, timid everyman who finds himself locked in an old warehouse with in it five containers. From these containers, one by one, will emerge people from his past who have all wronged him somehow. From the rival co-worker who nabbed his promotion to his former best friend who stole the girl of his dreams. A murderer’s row of pain, heartache and humiliation. When the pent up feelings start bubbling to the surface, violence ensues. But is Bart really the victim in all this? And who is the mysterious woman that haunts his dreams?

Intense, violent, philosophical and surrealistic: Purgatorium takes the popular single location thriller to new heights.

Coming soon...


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