Puracoat is a remarkable leap in nanotechnology. It is a fluid that can be applied across the surface of the entire mobile device, including overtop a touch screen, that will protect your device against scratches and water damage while sacrificing none of the appearance or functionality of your display. Puracoat is undetectable by the naked eye and is synthesized to be next only to gemstones in hardness. It is also substance tough, suitable for those who must retain their particular unit’s sanitization.


Say goodbye to sticky plastic screen protectors, which can trap air bubbles on your display and cause your touchscreen to respond inaccurately. With Puracoat, you can protect your entire device with one permanent application (only removable via polishing) and never have any of these issues. Puracoat is also water resistant, anti-static, anti-bacterial, weather resilient, and helps repel dust and staining. It even improves the quality of the display screen.


We originally developed this technology for high-rise building glass, but quickly realized its other applications for the casual consumer. This technology was very expensive, but we endeavoured to create a variant that is affordable and easy to use, while still retaining its quality. The result is Puracoat.

Puracoat will be produced in liquid form and packaged in small bottles. After opening a bottle of Puracoat, its life is 18 months. Puracoat is nontoxic and hazard-free, and has been tested on many different devices to ensure that its effects work on all types of devices and device screens.

The nanotechnology used to create Puracoat is expected to be found in most touchscreen displays in the future. Puracoat is ahead of the curve and is able to offer these benefits to devices on the current market and those further behind.

Puracoat has also been tested on device speakers, and is found to have no influence whatsoever on the effectiveness of finely-tuned acoustic factors.


We want to put this incredible technology out there and available for purchase. By donating a certain amount as outlined on the right, you can have your own bottle of Puracoat to use on your devices.

Even if you cannot fund us at this time, we encourage you to share our campaign with the tools found below. If someone you know has a device they need to protect permanently and completely, consider letting them know about this project and what it can do for them.

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