Psychiatrist The Game
Psychiatrist The Game

Psychiatrist The Game is a new hilarious and highly interactive version of charades. It combines actions, situations, personalities and clever wordplay all into the context of a psychiatrist diagnosing their patients.

If you're the Psychiatrist, your goal is to diagnose the symptom of the other players by asking a series of questions to each person in the group. The group tries to blend their symptom into everyday speech to keep the Psychiatrist guessing.

Each round starts with a new person volunteering to be the psychiatrist and the group draws a card that determines its symptom. The round ends when the psychiatrist guesses what the symptom is.

Each card has a symptom, an example of how to respond, and an easier option for those who are newer to the game. These symptom cards are categorized into four categories: 1) Personalities, like you think you're Darth Vader or Rocky. 2) Situations, such as being pregnant or you're on a hunt for buried treasure. 3) Words that you need to include in each answer, such as listing breakfast foods or rhyming. 4) Actions, such as clapping or dancing.

Psychiatrist can be as intense or casual as you'd like. Keep things competitive by playing the team version, adding two psychiatrists and keeping score or play the free-for-all version, making the game perfect for family outings, party nights, or anything in-between!

So if you're looking for a game that wraps Chuck Norris, Fish, Batman, Unicorns, Mr. Miyagi, 150 year-olds Guys and a ton more into one great game, then back our Kickstarter and we'll send you our game!

How to Play

Psychiatrist is a game I played growing up in my hometown. After moving away for school, I introduced it to my friends one day and we ended up playing it night after night. When I found out that this game had never formally been brought to market, I set out to bring Psychiatrist The Game to the world. I partnered with a couple friends, one that helped me manufacture the game and another that built out the game’s website and online presence. We have been working for months fine tuning the rules, developing over 100 symptoms to choose from, creating artistic designs, and playing the game for hours on end, ensuring that it could provide the laughs and good times this game gave me.

The game has evolved beyond just a free-for-all version, with one Psychiatrist asking questions to the entire group. We’ve also added far more dimension to the game, introducing a competitive version, score keeping, tons of symptom selections, and varying degrees of difficulty. We’ve had a lot of fun developing, tweaking and playing this game and hope you will enjoy it too.

So Why Kickstarter?

Simply put - Kickstarter is the fastest way to make Psychiatrist The Game available to our followers and supporters! We have loved developing this idea into a formal card game, and we know you're going to love it as well!

So please back our Kickstarter, and prepare to let your inner crazy out!

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