Proxie Padlock
Proxie Padlock

Proxie Padlock.  The world’s most innovative Bluetooth padlock.


Wouldn’t it be cool if you could walk up to your locker and it opened?

We are very excited to introduce to you the Proxie Padlock.   This patent pending technology is revolutionizing the way we look at padlocks.  Open your Proxie Padlock with your iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android Smartphone or Proxie Sportband.  Manage your Proxie using the Proxie App and send access to a friend to your Proxie from anywhere in the world.

Do you have a locker or know someone that does?  Gym, health club, school? Then you are going to love the Proxie Padlock.  The Proxie was designed to be used at your gym or on your school locker, or anywhere you currently use a padlock.

Proxie, welcome to the Internet of things, for your locker.


We are very thrilled to introduce the Proxie to this forum prior to our launch on Kickstarter.  We look forward to your feedback. 



New Video:

We just completed putting the finishing touches on our new video which we think you will enjoy.  Our intention is to showcase the video in this forum first so that we can get your feedback prior to the product launch during the Kickstarter campaign.  Our hope is that the video will demonstrates key features of the Proxie at the same time that it entertains you.  Have a laugh, enjoy the video and please provide your feedback.



The Proxie automatically authenticates with your Smartphone when in range.  Once you are within a few feet of your Proxie it unlocks, but does not open.  Touch your Proxie and it opens.  It is really simple to use and it can be opened with one finger.

No keys to forget, no combinations to remember.


Send access to a Friend:

Using the Proxie App that runs on your Smartphone you can send access to a friend to your Proxie from anywhere in the world.  You can send one time access, access for a period of time or indefinite access.  It’s up to you, and you can always change your friend’s access.  Forget something in your locker?  Ask a friend to pick it up for you.  Want your son or daughter to cut your lawn?  Given them full access to the garden shed.  (They still won’t cut the grass, but they will have one less excuse)


How it’s Personal:

Traditionally padlocks have been circular in shape and gray in color.  Walk into a locker room or down a school hallway and you are presented with a sea of gray padlocks.  Not the Proxie, we wanted to do something different.  The Proxie comes in vibrated colors - blue, pink, green - and some not so vibrant colors - navy blue, midnight black - as well as other. 


In addition the Proxie also comes in cool patterns to further reflect your style.


The Proxie is constructed from a single ingot of anodized aluminum which means that the color is not painted, it is etched into the aluminum created a hard, scratch resistant surface.

When you back the Proxie on Kickstarter you will be able to pick your Proxie from our selection of colors and patterns.  Pick your favour color or pattern, or coordinate it with your Smartphone.  It will make it easy to find your Proxie in the sea of gray.


Proxie Sportband:

The Proxie was designed with the athlete in you in mind.  Often you need to lock your Smartphone in your locker when you are at the gym, in a fitness or yoga class, playing a contact sport or having a shower or swim.

The Proxie Sportband, which comes with your Proxie Padlock, allows you to lock and unlock your Proxie without your Smartphone.  The Proxie Sportband is both rugged and waterproof.

The Proxie App that runs on your Smartphone will ensure that you don’t accidently lock your Smartphone in your locker. 



Key Feature Summary:

  • Send Access - Send access to a friend; one time, set period of time, or indefinitely.
  • Proxie App - Used to manage your Proxie Padlocks and access to your friends Proxies. (Free download from iTunes or Play Store)
  • Proxie Sportband - Enables you to lock your Smartphone in your locker (Comes with your Proxie)
  • Smartphone Lock Protection - Proxie App prevents you from locking your Smartphone in your locker accidently.
  • Proxie Smartcard - Comes with a backup card that you can keep in your wallet in case you forget your Smartphone at home or your Smartphone runs out of power.
  • Anodized Aluminum - Makes a very hard, secure padlock which can be manufactured in vibrant colors
  • Personal - Wide assortment of colors and patterns (Only the prototype samples are shown, more options to come)
  • Secure - Solid ingot of aluminum; encrypted authentication.
  • Battery - Long lasting battery - 2 to 3 years - which can be replaced.
  • Radios - Utilizes two radios - Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) and NFC (Near Field Communications) - to ensure optimal connection flexibility. 


Key Milestones:

  • 2014 - Design, develop, manufacture, and test the Proxie prototype.
  • March:  Pre-launch on Prefundia
  • March: Launch Proxie on Kickstarter
  • April - September:  Incorporate lessons learned, finalize design, compete App, enable cloud communication and manufacture.
  • October:  Ship Proxie Padlocks to Kickstarter backers



We have always toyed with the idea of creating a proximity based padlock that could be used anywhere that a traditional padlock is use.  Quite frankly our motivations were selfish.   Wouldn’t it be nice if you could walk into the locker room after a workout or yoga class, walk up to your locker and the lock opens?  No keys to forget, no combinations to remember, no towel to fight with. The Proxie is not only great for us it is perfect for our kids.  How many times have they been home from school, sick in bed, and need a friend to bring home their textbook or homework?  Instead of giving a friend the combination to their locker, which they will have forever, why not send them onetime access via the Proxie App?

In late 2013 we decided that the right technology was available to build a proximity padlock and that the technology was supported by the major Smartphone manufactures and operating systems.  One of the key constrains with developing the Proxie prior was the size of the components.  As you can imagine there is a lot of technology crammed into a very small package.

Over the course of 2014 we designed, developed, built and tested the Proxie prototype which you see in the pictures.  It was important for us to build a padlock that people can use and enjoy on a daily basis, so we spent the time to get it right.  We are now ready to manufacture the Proxie and we are looking for your support to do so.

The Proxie Padlock is a Canadian start-up which has its roots in a small technology consulting firm that specializes in IT infrastructure and security.  We were already involved in developing products for other companies and we already had the component contacts and manufacturing contacts in China.  Though the engineering was completed in Canada we counted on experts in specialty fields - Bluetooth and NFC - from both the US and UK to help develop the communication. 



We are ready to start to manufacture the Proxie Padlock but we need your support.  If you like the Proxie back us on Kickstarter and be one of the first to have your own Bluetooth enabled Proxie Padlock.  If you provide us with your email we will let you know prior to the launch of Proxie on Kickstarter.

Please forward this link to a friend who you think will like the Proxie and remember to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Thank you for your support.

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