Protonics T2 Exoskeleton
Protonics T2 Exoskeleton

This project has already launched.

Everyone can use the Protonics T2 Exoskeleton

Using the T2 is as simple as ONE, TWO, THREE:

ONE: Attach the exoskeleton to your left leg and power up the system. Set the resistance, then use your IOS/Android device (e.g., smartwatch or smartphone) to start the T2 training program.

TWO: ​Perform some specific movements shown on your phone, tablet or smartwatch and use the haptic and visual cues to perform the movements properly. It only takes a few minutes!

​THREE: Remove the T2 Exoskeleton & perform your sport, fitness training or daily activities in a balanced state. By reinforcing the correct muscle firing pattern, users can perform in a balanced state, even after taking off the T2!


How does the Protonics T2 Exoskeleton Work?

Protonics T2 works by applying our patented Protonics functional resistance to key user movements prior to athletic activities, fitness training or daily functional activities.

Requiring key muscles to work during proper movements using Protonics functional resistance reinforces proper muscle firing patterns during your activity or fitness training, even after the system is removed.
This highly advanced system uses the Protonics resistance approach, state of the art

sensors, wireless communication, embedded processors, haptic/visual alerts, and an onboard power supply to alert the user as to the correct position to perform techniques. This new technology allows for progression through a training program without the need for supervision.

The Protonics T2 Exoskeleton consists of a T2 Resistance Core and an interchangeable MagFit Attachment System. The MagFit Attachment System ensures a perfect fit and comes in S, M, L, XL. Users only put the Protonics T2 Exoskeleton on the LEFT leg, which influences the balance of the muscle-skeletal system throughout the body.

Users then power-up the Protonics T2, then start the T2 Software App on a smartwatch, smartphones or tablets (Android and IOS) to do the following:

1. Instruct the user to set the resistance level based on the exercise indicated on the Protonics training program app.

2. Monitor body position live while the user performs certain exercises.

3. Alert the user (through haptic/visual interfaces) as to the correct position, number of reps, and other variables, while performing certain exercises or functional movements.

4. Record the users performance during exercises including, number of good vs bad reps, speed of movement, time spent on the circuit, and other data.


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