Prometheus: Unlimited Power
Prometheus: Unlimited Power



1) Unlimited Power for Peace of Mind. Mobile power for all your devices, and the ability to produce new power with your own two hands. With Prometheus, your phone doesn't die for that important call. That trip, ride, or event. 

(2) Beautifully designed. Just for you. Slips into pockets, bags, and purses. Your friend in a tight spot, it's equipped with 2 USB ports, flashlight, and LED interface-- and can charge anything USB-compatible. 

(3) The Exclusive Kickstarter Price. Be the first to experience the convenience and power of Prometheus at unprecedented Kickstarter prices.






Has your device ever died when you needed to do something important? A phone call? Important business? When you’re on the go, or just staying connected to the ones you love? We've all been there. 

We need energy to power our devices, work, and personal lives. Our devices are lifelines in an emergency. Career-changers. Relationship-builders. Now more than ever. 


So, isn't it weird that you can't readily charge your phone in most places? It's 2014. You deserve to go mobile. Imagine charging your device from the convenience of your pockets, purse, or bag. 


We hated the idea of getting caught without power for life's important events. We’ve bought some alternatives in the past. Unfortunately, they have little power, are not designed with us in mind, or are too expensive. Prometheus brings you unlimited power with beautiful design-- all at our Kickstarter price. 






 This is Prometheus: your source of unlimited power. It's an investment in today’s high-powered world. From full capacity, Prometheus' raw power can charge over 3 iPhones. 

But, it’s not just a battery. You can create new power anywhere, anytime using your own two hands. 3-5 minutes of moderate winding gives you 5-12 minutes of talk time. Alternatively, you can power up Prometheus with a wall outlet (custom charging cable included). 

To top it all off, Prometheus is backed with a 1-Year Warranty we call the "Power of Confidence." Awesome. 




 Prometheus is designed to be beautifully minimal, but inside it's one lean machine. This table gives you an comprehensive look at everything Prometheus offers you. 


Prometheus gives you...

(1) A rechargeable 5000 mAh battery. For sake of comparison, the iPhone 4's battery is 1420 mAh. 

(2) 2 USB Ports. Two ports means you can charge two different devices! Your friends and family will thank you.


(3) Hand-Cranked Power. Unlimited power in your pocket. Flip out the handle, and give it a spin. The crank can generate another 400 mAh by itself, which means even if the bank's supply is depleted, you can always have energy at your disposal. 

(4) Flashlight. Basements? Nature? Emergency situations? Hold down the power button for three seconds and get a beam of light for any occasion. 

(5) LED Interface. Four LED's light up blue to indicate when Prometheus is fully charged. 

(6) Smart Features. Prometheus auto-disconnects when it's fully charged, and includes auto power-off functions to save power. It also includes standard over-current and short circuit protection. 

(7) Compatible Across the Board. Some compatible devices include: Apple, HTC, and Samsung phones and tablets, readers, cameras, and even gaming handhelds like PSP Vita, MP3s, Nintendo DS. If it uses a USB port, it's game. 










Wei working on a rather primitive Prometheus in the office.
Wei working on a rather primitive Prometheus in the office.



Prometheus LED Display concept art
Prometheus LED Display concept art



Prometheus USB ports and flashlight placement concept art
Prometheus USB ports and flashlight placement concept art



Prometheus adjustable hand crank concept art
Prometheus adjustable hand crank concept art



 You'll be the first to experience Prometheus at an unprecedented price. To get it to you as fast as we can, we will begin production just as soon as we have met our funding goal. We’ve invested a lot of time and money to develop Prometheus. The components, manufacturing, and fulfillment have all been secured. Now here we are. We need your help. Together, we can bring the world unlimited power in the palm of your hand. Together, we will make sure you have an option when there are no more options.

Prior to Kickstarter launch (February 2014 - April 2014)

  • Realized need for something better and started to search for the solution
  • Designs, prototypes, and logos were produced 
  • Screened and selected Chinese manufacturing
  • Rigorous product testing by the Prometheus team

During Kickstarter campaign (May 2014 - July 2014)

  • As soon as we meet our minimum pledge goal, we will begin manufacturing Prometheus. 
  • Lining up and securing our fulfillment channels in Canada, the U.S., and Internationally.

Post Kickstarter campaign (July 2014 - September 2014)

  • Manufacturing of the Prometheus 
  • Quality inspection of the mass production run
  • Shipment of Prometheus to our backers (will be ready around mid-August and expected to be shipped for September)

    Credits: Music by Sweet Wave Audio
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