Project Simple Screen
Project Simple Screen

Project Simple Screen: Connecting Seniors to Technology

Established in 2002 with our headquarters in Markham, Ontario, Canada, Hipstreet is a growing global company specializing in Consumer Electronics and accessories. Our consumer electronics and accessories products are currently sold through a wide range of channels, ranging from mass merchandisers to independent retailers.

With an older demographic as a significant and important part of our customer base, our support team has helped countless seniors with technical issues when trying to use PC or tablet related products. Over the years we have realized that today's operating systems and applications are simply not serving the senior population. Recent studies also show that seniors are much slower to adopt technology, and also feel they face more challenges when learning to use tech as compared to younger generations. Two in five seniors indicate that they have a physical or health condition that makes reading difficult and the majority of older adults say they need assistance when it comes to using new digital devices.

We felt there had to be a better way to help seniors take advantage of all the benefits of today's technology, letting them connect with their families, friends and the world.

So we came up with Project Simple Screen. We are developing a software application that will run on Windows operating system, but will enable a simplified and more intuitive user interface to make finding and operating their PC or tablet much easier.

The Project

Hipstreet is working with a team of developers to design, build and test create this software application. We are looking for supporters of the development to help us reach our funding goal on a soon to be launched Indiegogo campaign, but also want to create and grow a community of users who will receive early access and have a voice in how we develop this solution!

Our Goal

As a technology solutions provider, this project is meaningful and incredibly important to us. Our goal is to create something that has a positive impact on a segment of society that will almost triple in size by the middle of this century! We want every senior to have the same opportunities for information access and communication that we enjoy every day.

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