Project Siembra
Project Siembra

This project has already launched.


We Started Siembra as approximately half of all Latino students in the US are struggling to get into college and "…if Silicon Valley is so smart, why can't [we] come up with a solution to save so many Latino students from dropping out of high school?"

There is now an 800 to 1 student counselor ratio in California (between 400 to 800 to 1 in other states) and our counselors are simply being overwhelmed by the demands from so many students needing help.

What we're building: Siembra connects with our Latino students where they live! We are building a culturally relevant platform and set of applications to virtually connect counselors with our Latino students, while moving these trusted advisors into the 21st century to help make a difference.

What We Need & What You Get

  • We need $50,000 to deliver Phase I of our platform and your help so we reach more students, at no cost to them nor their schools, in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area.  This phase of the platform will allow our pilot counselors to further engage and manage their capability to connect with students virtually and on-demand.
  • We have arranged for iTunes downloads of Grammy-award winning Oscar Hernandez and the Spanish Harlem Orchestra’s latest and upcoming albums, preferred seating at their upcoming music event, a weekend hotel stay at a five star in LA to meet and jam with Oscar Hernandez and attend the Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl.
  • 100% of these contributions go towards the upgrading of the platform and excess funds will be applied for Counselors assistance in planting the seed to help over 120 schools in Los Angeles and in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Impact

  • With your help, we will scale the counselor's office to literally reduce the student counselor ratio from 800 to 1, to 200 to 1 and effectively capturing students before they fail.  The magnitude of this accomplishment could change the course of our country, by increasing the graduation rates of millions of Latino students who will comprise the bulk of America's work force by 2050.

Who we are

  • We are an experienced team of concerned professionals from education, business, music and science.  We have extensive experience in building technology projects, but none with so much social value as our Project Siembra.
  • We are available for questions and encourage you to call any of us to join Project Siembra on its mission to make a difference NOW.

Please listen to our of our Board Advisors, Oscar Hernandez of the Grammy Award Winning Spanish Harlem Orchestra speak about Siembra's potential:


Here you have the Co-Founders of Siembra speak about their evolution into this Project:


Other Ways You Can Help

Get the word out via your network and leverage the Indiegogo tools to help us exceed our goals.  We are always looking for people to join our cause for Latino education achievement with this movement, we call Project Siembra.

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