Project Relive Film
Project Relive Film

This project has already launched.

GLASGOW, SCOTLAND, UK – 12/12/2017 (PRESS RELEASE) — After successfully executing a sold out award night for INFINITIME MUSIC AWARDS powered by CRE8TIVE ENTERTAINMENT for Scottish music scene in Scotland. Covered by and (

CRE8TIVE ENTERTAINMENT owners Etienne .K & Justice John kicks off their next project.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Kickstarter campaign that will allow the public to meet Project Relive: a feature-length sci-fi, horror, comedy film.

“We believe people are going to fall in love with our film,” says Justice John, the writer and director of the film Project Relive. “This Kickstarter campaign, to raise £55,689, will help us produce and finalize our film so project relive can arrive in theaters across the world as soon as possible”.

The story centres around Harry who get’s in an accident which results him to suffer from post-traumatic amnesia. Things become uncertain and strange when Harry’s girlfriend Elvera, disintegrates and vanishes in front of him. To make sense of the situation Harry sought for answers… Along comes Trojan.

“We believe this film will give a mix of fear and excitement to our audience!” says Etienne Kubwabo, Lead Character/Producer.

Project Relive is produced by CRE8TIVE FILMS WORLDWIDE , which is housed under Cre8tive Entertainment based in Glasgow, Scotland, UK, is a progressive entertainment outfit with specialisation in media, music video & film making, webseries and TV program production and packaging. The project’s vision is to spearhead today’s technological development and advancement in the entertainment sector to deliver excellent productions, to promote originality and worthy concepts and to encourage talent discovery and empowerment. The project’s mission is to contribute to relieve the country from its main concerns by guiding youth to unlock their capabilities through entertainment.

To learn more about Kickstarter and supporting Project Relive’s £55,689 campaign, please visit

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