Project NESM | A Never Ending Slinky Machine
Project NESM | A Never Ending Slinky Machine


Meet Project NESM - Bringing the Slinky into the 21st century. A beautifully finished machine that allows any Slinky to walk continuously on your own desk.

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We developed a formula that would turn a Slinky into an perpectual motion machine. Like watching a traditional Slinky tumble down an infinite staircase. The NESM is mesmerizing, relaxing, thrilling and aesthetically beautiful rolled into one.

This awesome project is coming soon to Kickstarter within next 10 days and we want you to get involved, sign up and get the opportunity to keep updated on all NESM news first; along with getting the chance to choose your NESM and any add on you like first

Visit our webpage for more information on this amazing project, Click here...

What is Project NESM?

The first “Never Ending Slinky Machine”, Project NESM promises to be a beautifully finished machine which lets any Slinky walk continuously on your your desk forever (or however long you like of course). Aesthetically pleasing and compact, Project NESM occupies your hands and eyes whilst your brain wanders, imagines and dreams.


Get Yours First…

Because we love all our Creatables fans, we want to keep you informed and let you have the first pick of some of our awesome rewards and add-ons - when they are gone they are gone!  We will keep you updated on every step of our Slinky adventure, get involved now!


BREAKING NEWS… For the first 24 hours all Project NESM machines will be sold at around cost price, meaning you will get one of the first batch at a super early delivery date and a even more awesome price. Early birds eat your heart out! You are guaranteed to be notified for the 24 hour launch

We have some exciting NESM editions for you to own including a champion editions, Build-Your-Own Kit and some awesome add ons, all of which are avaliable as soon as the project goes live (Keep your eyes peeled!), or remember sign up for a guranteed notification! So have a look, let us know what you think and secure your "Never Ending Slinky Machine" first. 

We are also on social media...Facebook, Twitter, Google + & Pinterest. 


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